1-05-21 by dave

The Faithful were in full attendance, dark and early, for this morning’s offering of fresh Essence. The new accumulation was very dense, cold, and dry, making it feel like frosting a cake with a paper knife. It was buoyant and smooth, which was a real treat. I was able to attain full platform engagement turn after turn. The wind was really nuking, taking the Tram out of service after 10:30 AM. The Cirque Traverse opened, where lines that I have been avoiding were filling in nicely. The 3.5″ overnight report seemed a bit low, as there was well over 10″ up high and some of the low hollows and gut had a bit more. Here is a couple of shots from Mikey M that show some of the down the line fun.

Mikey M getting the full facial effect out on Lone Pine. It was very luxurious indeed.
Steve Mayer experiencing full platform engagement with each turn on this line in Wilber Bowl.

Traffic was high, so pressure for the goods was coming from all directions. The snow fall backed off around 11AM and full on sunshine took over for the day. What a treat. As the new accumulation got worked over, the ratchet chop built up quickly with the high density product, which sent me packing. Tomorrow, look for a nice day, with areas that did not open today to open after mitigation efforts are complete. Since the wind was so strong, expect some wind affected surfaces, which may be inconsistent. The Groomers should be off the chart smooth and plush. See you there for the morning fun with new snow, great visibility and fun with friends. Remain Standing!!

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