2-24-20 by dave

The predicted light dusting turned out to be an added bonus with 4 to 5″ of fresh Essence covering the dance floor. Snow was still falling as I hit the parking lot and intensified as the morning progressed, adding more depth to the installment. After those warm days, the substrate had solidified and was quite crunchy and rough, though the new product did cushion the ride a bit. I was sticking with the known smooth lines to keep the impact to a minimum. I bailed on Mineral Basin today due to the visibility issues, however, there were some short lived windows of visibility according to reports from other Morning Crew members reporting at the breakfast debrief.

A short window of visibility opened on the Rasta Chutes giving a quick look at the pack.

Traffic was stout, but got spread out on the hill, making the Tram line melt and the chair lines fast. The wind picked up in a big way after Noon and began to fill in the low areas and tree lines. I went far afield looking for some smooth untracked and found it out on Hoopie’s Crotch. Tomorrow, look for clearing weather, great grooming with the new product they will get to work with, and still cold temps. This morning was quite cold, so dress for cold as it will hang in all day. The off trail is still offering soft snow, but those variable textures are still in play.

Monterey bringing sunshine to a foggy day.

See you there for the morning shred fest. Stay Frosty!!

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