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It was cold and fast this morning, with clear blue skies, perfectly prepared machine worked lines, and empty lines for the morning session. There was a fair push for the first Tram, so working the Mineral Basin lines got you out ahead of the crowd, and open lines were fast and furious. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting more of the fresh lines that are still to be had out in the Exotic Trees.

Mikey M getting the still untracked lines out in the Exotic Trees.

The Main Chute in Alta was open today with a lot of interest for that classic line. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck keeping a tight line just off the drop in.

Dry chalky quality make this line a classic and a demanding test of stamina.

The Front side of the hill was offering great lines that were maintaining the smooth dry chalk well into the afternoon, and the cold temps kept the snow well refrigerated and perfect. Lower Primrose Path was just insane with such sweet dust holding on to the sides of the gully. Tomorrow, look for continued cold out of the North. The Groomers will be offering amazing steep lines that will keep your motor running and asking for more. The off trail is still dry and chalky with some wind smoothing here and there. The hill is in great shape and is happening. IBBY!!



It was a cold morning, with blue skies, bright Sun, and amazing prepared lines on all sides of the hill. There was a stout turnout for the morning session and Mineral Basin offered a great head start on the day with no one around, lots of residual fluff on the Dance Floor, and back to back chairs for the first hour. Here is a shot of The Morning Crew at the Landing checking out the Sunday Cliffs, which were soon to open.

Perfect lines still waiting in the wings and a new friend to join the festivities.

The Groomers on the front side were full on buffed and seamless, with dry chalk making each turn feel like magic. Here is a shot that Jake sent along of the first turns down The Sunday Cliffs.

Perfect surfy consistency make this section a delight.

The off trail was still offering dry lines that were still feeling some of the old chop, but were cushioned enough to make almost any line choice a winner. Here is a shot looking back at the Peak way out on the Baldy Traverse.

Tomorrow, look for another cool day, with a cold start but warming as the Sun rises higher. The cold is preserving the quality on most aspects, but expect the due South aspects to be gathering some heat from the direct rays. The Groomers will be offering perfect carpets on all sides of the hill to start out, but Mineral Basin will have the Sun and the full illumination. The hill is in great shape and wherever you go, so enjoy the full pack.

The Fab Five hitting the Peak for lunch at The Summit and smooth carpets to complete the fun.

I meet so many great folks on The Tram and here is a shot of The Fab Five who were stoked to be ready to get some of the smooth lines. I love the energy everyone brings to the party. See you there for the shred fest. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The Faithful were in full attendance this morning to take advantage of last night’s storm that had rain pelting the skin of The Trailer for most of the night. Up on the hill, the accumulation was surfy and smooth, cushioning all of the rumble and leaving only the interference patterns still reverberating underneath. The Peruvian Gulch opened around Noon, and it was a full on push for the goods, with Mineral Basin opening an hour later. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck on Baldy stirring up the froth.

Brian beck experiencing full platform engagement, leaving cold smoke trails of glory.
Mikey M dialing in some high edge angles and getting all of it.

It did not take long for the goods to get worked over, and with the high density product, the harbor chop built up quickly all over the hill. Tomorrow, look for another amazing day on the hill with some areas still waiting in the wings, amazing Groomers offering total consistency top to bottom, and freshly tilled steep sections that will let you express your inner Ligety. The Sun will be shining, but I expect the early hours to still be a bit chilly. Mineral Basin will be full illuminated by the Sun, and I will be working the Lewis and Clark lines to get out ahead of the push. Speed Safely!!



As anticipated, the snow was falling early this morning with 3″ of ultra light lace in the parking lot. Up on the hill there was fully 6 to 8″ of light density. As the first hour progressed, the product began to become more dense, which cushioned the ride and made the lines feel more luxurious. The Faithful were in full attendance early, so working the Chair options offered a fast alternative to the Tram. Mineral Basin was offering nice vacant lines as the crowd was slow to test out the visibility, which was marginal at best, but staying with the trees helped a lot. The Groomers were amazing with the added cushion on top to make them that much sweeter.


I bailed around 1PM to avoid the road closure. Tomorrow, be sure to check the road access in the AM. With the high density, you can expect delays in openings and high pressure for the goods. The hill is in great shape wall to wall and the wind had done some smoothing before the snow began. IBBY!!



High thin clouds filtered the Sun this morning and became increasingly dense as the day went on. The Groomers were offering the smooth, dry, chalky lines on all sides of the hill to get your motor running. The off trail was offering dry, chalky consistency, though those due South faces were a bit crispy with all that Sun hitting them all day yesterday. Here is shot of the Morning Crew gathered at the top of a Lewis and Clark extravaganza.

Bunny Skigrinn joined the Morning crew for Lewis and Clark laps, where the corduroy was covered with deluxe, dry, wind transported dust.

The past week was one of hard charging fun on all sides of the hill and the Sun really made the details stand out in high definition. Here is a shot of The Twins with all sorts of Cosmic light effects of the attending energies.

Of all the places in the Galaxy, we find ourselves here, where magic happens daily. Sometimes you don’t see it, but here is a glimpse.

Tomorrow, look for a slow start to the precipitation, variable to marginal visibility, and still smooth machine worked lines that will offer perfect consistency that will let you dial it in despite the lack of details. Off trail will still offer widespread rumble, but the dry chalky consistency is very workable and predictable just about everywhere. See you dark and early for the next installment of Babes In Gortex!! Stay Frosty!!



The groomers were beautifully prepared, the Sun was shining, the temps were cold but comfortable, and the wind was blowing with insistent intent all day long. That transported dust from off trail was accumulating on the corduroy lines that made for a 40″ of Zero % situation that let you dial in untracked lines all day long and it never got tracked out. Out in Mineral Basin, White Diamonds, Lone Star, and lines on Lewis and Clark started out the day with amazing feel and sunshine that made the day very 3D. Here is a shot of the Moon over Twin Peaks that speaks to the clarity of the air.

The Moon was suspended in the sky, watching over the perfect lines in Mineral Basin.

Traffic was light, and back to back Trams were on tap that let you dial in all the lines as fast as you could rap them around. The wind continued all day keeping the smooth surfaces untracked and perfect. Here is a shot of Brian Beck out on Baldy coming out of The HYPER ZONE back into the next turn.

Light and motion combine with spectacular effect when speed and power are added. Flyin’ Brian Beck getting maximum acceleration.

Tomorrow, look for an over cast sky with some flurries expected later in the day. The Groomers will still be offering the perfect smooth lines that were happening today and should hold up all day. With the holiday weekend, traffic will be stout, so stay ahead of the crowd and take advantage of the Peruvian chair when the Tram backs up as it has been pumping and fast. The off trail is still dry and chalky, but there is a rumble and static that is pesky, but is easily dialed in. I’ll be taking the day of to rest up. Dail it up, Dial it in!!



An awesome Grooming effort had been prepared for the day’s festivities, with the Big Smooth reworked top to bottom, offering perfectly smooth, dry, chalky lines that let you dial in your Inner Ligety. Out in Mineral Basin, wind deposited lines were on tap, with just a bit of funk and chunk in the substrate. The Path To Paradise opened, with great untracked lines waiting for the folks who worked the traverse to get there. The substrate there was smooth and turns were fun and consistent. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting it all out on the Baldy Shoulder.

Cold smoke was flying in the cold morning air as the open areas made for continued excellence.
Mikey M charging the line and keeping tight to the fall line for maximum power.

I kept working that front side line that really drew on the stamina to keep the pace smokin’. The off trail was feeling much better today and some of the lines that had seemed chunky yesterday were much more consistent today. Tomorrow, look for another great day of ground pounding fun. Look for Lone Star to get yet another treatment for the morning session and I will be looking to see if The Big Smooth will be reworked again. It was insanely smooth today.

Baldy Bowl looking fatty fat fat!! I love the high contrast of the sun and shadow.

Traffic was fairly light today and I expect it to continue light tomorrow. Look to Mineral Basin first off to avoid any push for the Tram during the first hour. Get ready for fun! Happy As Larry!!!



A furious impulse moved over the hill during the early morning hours leaving a fluffy surprise on the Dance Floor. The Morning Crew worked The Big Smooth on the front side to take advantage of the tree’s reference points in the difficult visibility. With 4 to 5″ on the mat, the turns were sweet, smooth, and offered full platform engagement with each turn. We took a Peruvian Chair to access Mineral Basin to check out a Lewis and Clark lap, to find the Sun shining back there, lighting up the bowl and adding great detail to the vis.

Emerging in another Dimension with the Sun shining and no one around to get the smooth powder.

Lewis and Clark was offering deeper lines of light density Essence that the wind had moved to the low lying terrain features and long threads of deeper deposits. Later, there were some windows of Sunshine teasing the Faithful with some open holes in the clouds. It was nice to see the hill. Tomorrow, look for a clear day as the impulse moves to the East. There may be some additional accumulation as the clouds move out. The Groomers will be offering amazing lines that you can trust with full edge sets without any loss of traction. There are still some lines out in Mineral Basin and The Road To Provo that may get opened after mitigation, so keep and eye and ear out for announcements. The off trail is still quite tricky with the crusty substrate still in the mix. There are smooth wind lines that can be found so take a look around and explore. Never know what you’ll find.

The ladies of the Host Program are on the Peak to help with questions and directions. It is always a treat to see them on the hill.

See you there for the soft smooth lines of the Carpets of AHHHHH, first thing in the AM!! Keep it tight!!



A light dusting of ultra light Essence covered the Dance Floor for the morning’s offerings. There were some wind deposited deeper lines out on Baldy and Lewis and Clark that were smooth, dry, and fast. The Groomers were off the the charts exquisite, with The Big Smooth having been prepared for the day’s festivities. The Big Smooth is the preparing of Upper, Middle, and Lower Primrose Path, creating a top to bottom ground pounder that tests your stamina and lets you dial in high edge angles. Here is a shot of Lower Primrose with the Sun back lighting the line and illuminating the cold smoke.

The line was perfect top to bottom and a ground pounding section that raised the heart rate.

With clear blue skies, the visibility was 100% with every detail in high definition. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew from the top of the Baldy Chair looking super 3D.

Out on the fringes of a Lewis and Clark expedition, we found hidden treasures that were deeper than one would think. Nice to have Tram Rat back on the pace.

Other areas of the hill had collected some very nice accumulation with the wind deposits, making working for the goods worth the time. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck stirring up the Cold Smoke and leaving trails of glory out on Baldy.

Brian Beck dialing some high edge angles and getting some G force out of every turn.

Tomorrow, look for another amazing day on the hill with freshly prepared lines that will be sure to fire the stoke level. Check out the Trifecta of Upper, Middle, and Lower Gad Zooks over on Gad 2 that got the full treatment last night, but should still be great in the AM, and may well be rebuffed, so check the report. Perhaps the Big Smooth will get a repeat treatment as well. Get ready for some serious flow line fun. Stay Frosty!!



The morning was sunny and cold as the first Tram left the dock. The Faithful made and early push for the residual goods, but the uphill capacity of the chairs kept the pace fast and furious. Mineral Basin was offering perfect carpets on the Lupine Loop side of things, but the off trail was very stiff and had a lot of rumble and static that made it a rough ride. Lewis and Clark was out of sight, with silky smooth lines that were vacant and perfect. Here is a shot of the Twins and the wide open bowls filled to the brim.

The Morning Crew enjoying the warmth of the Sun and scoping out the possibilities.

The front side of the hill was also offering carpets that let you dial in some high edge angles and feel the full arc of the turn. Some clouds moved in around 10:30 AM, which cramped the visibility a bit and made the lights go out, but the consistent quality of the Groomers let you rely on the smooth despite the visibility issues. Lower Primrose Path was out of sight and offered ground pounding fun all day. Here is a shot of Team Gnar Haus, who read the site daily and were soaking up the warm rays when the Sun came out again in the afternoon.

Perfect smoothness was what was on tap and this team was getting it all and lots of it.

Tomorrow, look for another cold sunny day, with the off trail continuing to be tricky and stiff. The Groomers will be offering those insanely buffed lines that will keep you getting those high edge angles. Look for some additional lines to have been prepared, especially on the Road To Provo.

Brian Beck getting some rare smooth lines in the Main Chute off Baldy into Alta.

In closing, here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck taking advantage of the opening of the Main Chute into Alta. It is really rare to get it this smooth and perfect. See you tomorrow for the ground pounding fun. Lay it over like Ligety!!!