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There were high clouds and balmy temps for today’s opening bell. The clouds did break up after a while, letting the Sun come through, however a storm is moving in for tomorrow and these clouds are in advance of that Low pressure. The hill is fully fat and all the groomed lines are holding the best quality. Here is a shot I took at the top of a Lewis and Clark exploration the other day.

Wind whipping a cornice section and looking very abstract.
I just threw this in for fun and entertainment. It is an art piece I did a while back. Universe Drive!

Tomorrow, look for a stormy day with quite a bit of precipitation. Hopefully, it will come in the way of snow at The Bird elevation. Dress for weather an use the Groomers to get the best ride on the hill. I will be back on the hill in the AM to share the stoke and get a first hand look at the hill. IBBY!!



Spring temps were on tap for today’s offerings, and I opted to drive with the top down right from the start. Amazing carpets of AHHHHH were prepared on all sides of the hill and it was a race against the Sun to stay ahead of the break. Here is a shot of the gateway to Heaven as the Sun is lined up with the Canyon now and the fins on the lower buttress stand out in the morning light.

Gateway to Heaven

As the day progressed the pack began to break and the lower elevations began to get manky again. Staying up on the higher chairs bought a bit more time so you did not have to go down lower on the hill. Here is a shot of The Santa Monica Crew who have been coming for 45 years.

Nothing like a lifetime of fun to keep the stoke for the Bird alive.

Tomorrow, look for another Spring day of top to bottom Groomers that will let you dial in your inner Ligety. It will, again, be a race with the Sun, so begin your day in Mineral Basin and work it out from there. You should be able to squeeze good lines out until around 1 PM, after which things get manky to the top. The off trail will be very difficult, especially early on, so plan on staying with the smooth for the best ride.

The Jones girls, Izzy and Ava suiting up for the festivities.

in closing, here is a shot of the Jones Girls, who were stoked to be getting out on the hill on such a perfect Spring day. See you there for the morning shred fest. Dial it up, Dial it in!!



The sky was ultra blue, and the visibility was unlimited, making for an ultra vision day. Amazing carpets of AHHHHH had been prepared on all sides of the hill, and those areas that were waiting in the wings were opened as the day unfolded. The High North was still holding the cold dry feel, but there still was a bit of a crust in the mix, making you pay close attention to the finesse factor. Here is a shot of Little Cloud not long before it opened.

Spring Powder waiting in the wings for the expectant crowd.

The Morning Crew worked all the big drops that had been buffed, with Lone Star offering that dry chalky feel that was rare on that exposure this late in the season. Here is a shot of the Team at the top of a Lewis and Clark sojourn.

The top of Lewis and Clark was warm and ready for fun

The temps warmed up, and the lower elevations began to get manky and, later, the dreaded sticky factor came into play and I had to bail. Tomorrow, look for more amazing carpets to be prepared on all sides of the hill. The snow quality is holding the cold on the High North, but you can expect some crispiness on the lower elevations. Coverage remains fully fat wall to wall.

Vermont Loves The Bird

In closing, here is the Vermont Crushers, who were stoked to be on the hill getting the goods and amazed that there was no ice. It was so much fun to share the stoke. Speed Safely!!



The Sun was out, bright, and there was full vision wall to wall for today’s festivities. A few inches of very light Essence added to the pack, bringing a more Winter like feel even after the past few day’s variable conditions. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting his blast on and blowing it up.

Full on blower Essence was on tap today.

The Peruvian Gulch opened after a short delay, which offered really smooth lines top to bottom as the pack had smoothed out quite a bit. The Upper Cirque was offering similar smooth lines that let you dial it up and dial it in. Mineral Basin was opened around 11AM with a some variable conditions. Powder Paradise and The Road to Provo remained closed all day. Here is a shot that Neil sent of The Little Cloud area, perfect in the morning light.

The Twins with the ultimate coating of goodness wall to wall.

The relatively cool temps kept the pack from going South on the front side of the hill, and the groomed lines were offering a dry chalky feel well after Noon. Later, the ambient temps at the lower elevations did begin to make the pack a bit manky. Here is another shot of The Twins from the deep trees.

The West Twin deeply coated in the ultimate goodness this late in the Spring

Tomorrow, look for still soft snow on the High North, more areas still waiting in the wings, and amazing grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. The recent product is making some very good tilling material and you can take out your carving utensils and lay it over like Ligety. It will be a great day and traffic should be fairly light.

Lise getting stoked for the days festivities.

In closing, here is a shot of Lise, who I was stoked to be on the hill and getting the goods. What to choose, what to choose? See you there for the morning shred fest. Keep your eyes open for new openings. See the Line, BE the Line!!!



A deep coat of thick frosting covered the dance floor for this morning’s offerings. With Regulator the only run open off the top, The Morning Crew worked the Gad 2 area to take advantage of the low traffic and ample untracked lines that made troweling the new product much easier. Fast laps were easy to get and, when the first wave moved up on the hill, it was walk on Trams. As the new product got worked, the Harbor Chop really began to build, requiring a slow round approach to each turn to keep the impact level down. I stopped into The Summit On Hidden Peak to check out some of the Righteous Pizza that is available there. Here is a shot of Elizabeth and Ian, who were ready for the lunch rush.

The best artisan Pizza available at any altitude!!

I left for the day after checking out a couple of the far reaches. Tomorrow, look for a sunny day as the low pressure is moving out and a clear pattern is setting up. There are a lot of areas still waiting in the wings, but know that there will be some very interesting consistency. The Groomers will be amazing to start out the day, but will get worked very quickly. All the off trail lines will be choppy if they are not untracked, and will require a power drive approach. Stay ahead of the Sun for the best consistency, but it is still going to be stiff. See you there for more Spring Powder. Keep it tight!!



It was raining on the Plaza as the day began, but the snow level lowered and had filled in by 10:00AM. Up on the hill, the upper elevations had a 6 to 8″ coating of high density powder that helped cushion yesterday’s pack. I was looking for the smooth lines that I had put my eye on yesterday and it payed off in the difficult visibility. The Morning Crew made the drop into the Abyss of Mineral Basin, where vacant smooth lines were happening and heavy snow fall was filling in fast. The lower elevations on the hill were becoming very gloppy as they got worked over, and finding untracked lines helped make the turns smoother. Here is a shot of Barbie, who welcomed the team for the morning recon session. She makes a cloudy day a Sunny one.

Barbie lighting up the room on a very damp and snowy day.

The entire Morning Crew bailed on the day after the recon meeting and looked forward to more snow overnight. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight and more in the forecast during the day. Look for the Groomers to offer the smooth lines, but the hill is becoming smoother with the light traffic and increased accumulation. Check the grooming report for interesting lines that have been prepared. It is hard to see the surprise areas when the visibility is so compromised. I missed Lone Star today, because I didn’t check the list. DOH!! Off trail may be a bit interesting on the lower elevations, so check and see to avoid some serious static underfoot. See you there for the continued Spring Powder. IBBY!!



There were buffed carpets of AHHHHH on all sides of the hill to begin today’s festivities. Light traffic made it a much more relaxed atmosphere, and the perfectly smooth prepared lines were just over the top tasty. I had to dial back the speed a bit to extract the maximum juice from each turn. Some intense snow was falling for the first while, which began to accumulate and offered just a little more luxury. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck from yesterday’s opening lines in Mineral Basin.

As the day wore on, the lower aspects began to get a bit manky, so slowing the roll helped mellow the impact. I went looking far afield to see what was what and found the West facing aspects to be very difficult. The High North was still holding the soft cold feel and was fun and workable. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting in deep yesterday when the Sun came out.

Tomorrow, more of this cycle is predicted to move in, so dress for weather. The Groomers will be offering great smooth lines and the High North should still be good to go. Do avoid those West facing aspects as it is just no fun and an exercise in survival. You don’t know until you go, so I went so you don’t have to. This is going to be a fun week, so get ready to go deep. Stay Frosty!!



More Essence covered the dance floor overnight, and the areas waiting in the wings were opened. There were a lot of folks going for the goods, finding the High North aspects still holding the best quality. There was some areas of dust on crust where the old layer had set up, but there were good turns to be had and light traffic to max out the vertical. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck blowing up some of the goodness after making a miraculous comeback from a Tibial Plateau fracture a short while back.

Brian Beck making the most of the Winter quality Essence that covered the Dance Floor this late in the season.

Tomorrow, look for another cycle to begin for the next 3 or 4 days. Dress for weather, and expect variable visibility. The Groomers will be offering the smooth carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill and will be the place to find the consistency that let you dial in your inner Ligety. The hill is still fully fat wall to wall, just be aware of aspect for the best quality. I will be back on the hill dark and early to get in on the ground pounding fun. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



If you did not know the date one would think that we were in late January, with an installment that was mid Winter perfect. A deep deposit of lake effect ultra light covered the already soft dance floor, making today’s offering a really special occasion. With all the lines on the hill full, fat, and relatively smooth, it was face shot city top to bottom and really bottomless. The High North aspects were in rare form, letting you dial in fully committed turns that felt effortless and accurate. Mineral Basin opened around 11:30AM where the quality was a bit thicker and the crowd was pulled in that direction, freeing up the Tram and letting you get back to back cars with very little traffic on the hill. Here is a shot of the heavily flocked trees lower in the Canyon that were just stunning.

A Fractal Field image of the fresh Essence stacked deep in the branches.

Later in the day, the lower elevations began to get a bit manky, so I bailed to start my day off early. Tomorrow, look for more great turns, with areas still waiting in the wings. It will be a stay ahead of the Sun kind of day, but you will be rewarded if you work the shadows. There may be some residual flurries here and there, so expect some variations in the visibility. The hill is in amazing shape with sections that rarely get filled, fully ready for prime time. Straight Ahead!!



After yesterday’s stellar installment, a wonderful whipped topping was added to the cake, offering super surfy, buoyant lines that let you dial in that full platform engagement with every turn. Only rarely incidental echos of the old layer were felt and the consistency could be counted on top to bottom, and wall to wall. Though extensive grooming efforts had been done, the accumulation made them perfect beyond imagining, where it was like frosting a cake with a paper knife. Here is a great shot of my friend Mike McCarthy getting a face full of goodness. Just perfect for keeping that youthful glow.

Keeping the Winter stoke alive in the Spring. Deep Winter blower full on and blasting.

Traffic was brisk for the goods, but, with a bit of looking, fresh lines were there to find. Snow continued to fall all day, but there were hints of Sun just above the clouds. Tomorrow, look for more snow showers, but I think the visibility will improve. More areas are waiting in the wings, so there is still a lot to get from this cycle. I will be dressing for a bit warmer day. The hill is fatty fat fat, so all lines, traverses, and variations are good to go wall to wall. Go get your favorite lines, as they are ready and rockin’. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!