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With very light traffic, lots of smooth prepared lines on both sides of the hill, it was a perfect training day. I was taking advantage of some of the Gun Powder that was being laid down by the continued snow making efforts. Both sides of the hill are offering smooth consistent lines top to bottom, and there are some very fun variations on a theme if you look around a bit. Here is a shot of my friend Nycha checking out the possibilities off of Who Dunnit. It is always great to see her out on the hill and to be able to stop and enjoy the moment. Light was on and off all day long, but the smooth surfaces kept it good to go and the low traffic made back to back Trams a breeze. Here is a shot of one of those curious windows in the clouds that seemed a bit magical. Tomorrow, look for an overcast day as another front moves this way with just a brush by. I started this morning wearing just Sun glasses, but I was sent quickly to the locker to get some goggles. The Groomers will be offering the goods from the word go on both sides of the hill. The off trail continues to improve as traffic works the lines, and the troughs in the interference patterns as smooth and round. Even I can make a turn in those sections. I’ll probably dress a bit for colder temps and I will be taking the goggles out just because. See you there for another day of smooth snow sport sliding. IBBY!!



Warm morning temps. made the pack much firmer, however, there was still plenty of traction on the machine worked lines to dial in the turns. A high cloud deck made the light very flat and the smooth carpets made the top to bottom pace easy to keep. Light traffic on the hill was a treat with plenty of room to stretch out. Here is a shot of the Bingham Mine across the Valley dappled with Sun and accented with fresh Essence. Both sides of the hill were fun and fast and I took advantage of the open lines to work Gad 2 all the way down to the lower mountain which I had not done yet this season. That lower section is well covered and all the terrain variations make it a flow fest. Back to back Trams were easy to make even after Noon, which really tested my stamina. Here is a shot of Mark, who is an avid reader of the site and was stoked to be getting such good turns with just a bit of Sun lighting up the dance floor. Around 2 PM flurries began to fill in and the light started to go flat again, but the little windows of Sun made the runs come alive with detail. Here is a shot of the weather moving in, making it look like Heaven a bit. Tomorrow, look for just a slight dusting to have been left on the hill. Look for the Groomers to provide the smooth carpets. Traffic will be light and the back to back pace will be easy to make. Those off trail lines continue to become more consistent with traffic, so you will find some fun diversions if you look a bit off the beaten path. Coverage remains very good with no problems top to bottom. Stay Frosty!!



It was a sunny Sunday, although as the days get down to the shortest one, the light for those first couple of Trams is fairly flat. The Grooming Crew did a great job prepping the hill with fresh carpets of AHHHHH. I was dialing in smooth fall line shots, where shaving the nap off the corduroy was so tasty turn after turn. Both sides of the hill were offering the goods and the off trail lines are becoming a bit more consistent with the traffic of the last week, so look around for some new lines that you may have over looked. The interference patterns are medium amplitude, with a good cadence that lets you dial smooth turns through the troughs. I am still sticking with the billiard table smooth of the prepared lines while I continue to work on my stamina. Here is a shot of the Tram cables shining in the light coming up over the ridge. Traffic on the hill became more brisk for the afternoon session, so I bailed early to rest up for the tomorrow’s festivities. Tomorrow, look for more dry chalky machine worked lines and the off trail will be offering a wider choice selection. The coverage is really good top to bottom, with only a couple of places on the lower hill where traffic gets tight kicking up a few pebbles. I expect another warm morning like we had today, so I will be dressing light to take advantage of the balmy temps. I’ll see you there for the first boat dark and early. See the LINE, BE the LINE!!



Whatever weather that was predicted never materialized, and the day was bright and sunny, warming up nicely as the day progressed. The Groomers were offering the best smooth lines of the day on both sides of the hill. The Grooming Crew did a great job tilling that new snow into the pack. The off trail is getting stiffer by the day, but there are still lines that are becoming worth exploring as the traffic works some of the aspects. Entrances are generally makeable, however care should be exercised on approach. Last night was the first of the season’s Pizza Tasting Extravaganzas. Kazoodi out did himself with a whole new dough and sauce recipe. He has been working on it all Summer. Here he is working the second pie of the night. This is that pie just as it came out of the brick oven. Mikey M was also working his magic as we tasted outside the box combinations based on the Barone’s Signiture pan pizza. Here he is making one of the specialized treats. And here is the shot of the pan pizza as it came out of the oven. Nothing like freshly chopped basil to punch it up a notch. I was so stuffed. Thanks Kazoodi for an amazing Tasting session. Best Pie in the world. Tomorrow, look for another sunny day with balmy temps up on the hill. I will be breaking out my light shell to take advantage of the warm temps. I will be looking for the smooth carpets of AHHH for the dialable turns that feel so good when it is fresh fresh fresh. See you there for the opening bell. Watch your SIX!!!



The Grooming Crew put an extra dollop of love on the dance floor, leaving delightful carpets of AHHH on both sides of the hill. Traffic was light, and back to back Trams were easy and fast. The Road To Provo was open again today, and it was offering a lot of lines early after it was opened so late yesterday. I was focusing on the soft feel of flannel underfoot with the combination of wind transported snow, continued snow making efforts made the morning a carve fest indeed. My friend Deb brought me this beautiful Christmas Present with The Trailer set in a Winter scene. What a wonderful gift and hit it spot on!! Thanks you so much Deb!! The quality of the snow held up nicely all day as light traffic, cool temps. and low Sun angle kept it preserved. I skied quite late today to take advantage of the the great turns. Regulator was wonderful all day and I was getting the best turns late as the dust started piling up. Here is a shot of The Goddess Of Vision standing on the peak with The Twins standing tall. It was a treat to speak to her on such a perfect day. Tomorrow, look for a small bit of weather as a brush by moves through. We’ll have to see if any precipitation materializes. The Grooming Crew will have prepared smooth consistent lines on both sides of the hill and it will be great. The off trail is becoming a bit stiff, but is still offering that dry chalky feel and is responding well to some of the well traveled lines. Keep your eyes open for those smoother sections. Here is a shot of the Powder Bird Guides that were setting the pace when I started at Snowbird in ’76. It was so great to have them all together again and catch up. I will be taking the day off, so enjoy. Speed Safely!!



After yesterday’s hard driving storm, this morning the dance floor was covered with great medium density Essence that went a long way toward covering some of the hard feel of previous days. The Faithful were in full attendance for the opening bell, and the push for the Tram was full on, but working the Chair options offered a quick and easy way to get around the backup. I took my first run down the Middle Cirque, that was very smooth and consistent, which let me dial in fully engaged turns from beginning to end. I worked the chair option until breakfast, after which the Tram line became walk on as folks got spread out around the hill. Here is a shot of Brain Beck taken by Mikey M out on The Backdoor. The goods got worked over fairly quickly, and I was working the smooth machine worked lines that offered deep pile carpets of Wow. I finally felt like I could lay down a turn that did not slip. The Road To Provo opened around 3 PM, where the new snow was really soft and silky as the wind seemed to have not affected the quality. This is a shot of Superior taken from the deep trees, which contrasts the deep shadows and perfect powder with the bright Sun and a well worked face. Tomorrow, look for the machine worked lines to be offering amazing carpets of AHHH! The off trail will still be soft and much more manageable than just a couple of days ago. Be sure to take care on the Cirque Traverse and stay low to avoid some of the revealed features. The deep trees are offering cold shaded lines that will still be holding goods. This time of the season is great as the powder stays soft and un affected all day long. Straight Ahead!



I got to the Bird this morning just ahead of the frontal passage. By the time First Tram left the dock it was full on Dump City AZ., with the snow blowing sideways and very low visibility. On the peak, the wind was nuking, and the visibility was Zero Zero. I made my way down by following the bamboo poles along the way until I got down to the trees in the Peruvian Gulch. The fresh essence was piling up fast, however, with the wind blowing, the consistency was extremely variable. Stretching out the turns helped even out the variations and made it easier to feel the transitions. I got 3 Trams in before the wind caused it to close. I did an after breakfast Peruvian Chair, which had been brought up to take the place of The Tram. It was amazing how fast the snow mounted up in the short while I took for the Forklift stop. Here is a shot of my friend Lori, who is surrounded by light ORBS, which magically follow her around wherever she goes. They just happen to show up better in a certain light. This shot was from yesterday, as today was too inclement to get a good shot of anything. Tomorrow, look for fresh essence to be waiting, however, expect variability due to the wind and some of the wind effected sections that may be a tad grabby. The off trail sections will still be holding the interference patterns, and those slick spots which will be fully in play. Those areas that have had less traffic will be offering the best off trail lines and I was using my recon work from the past couple of days to plan out some options. Traffic should be brisk, but I think the push will be spread out quickly. So much of the mountain is open now that there is plenty of terrain to work. See you there for the freshies. IBBY!!



That impulse that was expected overnight did not materialize, and the morning dawned bright, sunny and just the right temp. It was an amazing site on the peak as the Tram docked, with the inversion filling the entire basin looking much like what Lake Bonneville might have looked 15,000 years ago. The Grooming Crew did a great job putting a fresh till on both sides of the hill. The Snow Guns were blazing, depositing perfect Gun Powder below, around, and above the line. I was dialing it back to bathe in as much goodness as I could extract. Perfect is perfect where ever you find it. The stoke was high, and the Morning Crew was looking ahead to the opening of the Mineral Basin area. Here they are checking out the lines that await. Traffic was light all day and back to back Trams were easy to get with plenty of room to spare. I went over to check out Gad 2, where I found good cover on the upper section, but the lower section will be helped by the snow that is on the way. I met Team BUBBY on the chair and they were stoked to be getting the smooth lines and they were laying down some high angle turns. Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day as Weather Dude has promised, for sure, that this storm will materialize. I was checking out the available lines looking for smoothness and will be sticking to the program as the storm rages all day tomorrow. Dress for weather. See you in the AM for the next installment. As Joe Man The Snow Man says-” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!



The base is becoming increasingly consolidated on the open areas, with the machine worked lines offering a smooth but firm feel on both sides of the hill. Regulator had a bit of dust, which let you dial in some traction and let you rein in the roll. On the Peruvian side of the hill, there was a bit more tooth to the mat, and the off trail was offering a dry chalky feel, however, the interference patterns continue to in crease in amplitude and frequency. Those tree shots off of Gad 2 have been worked over, and the features are easy to see and bypass. I was working on stamina training so my legs will be able to hold up under extended response curve requirements. Here is a great shot of Team Maine, who were scoping out the peak and enjoying being up and out of the inversion. Baldy opened from the top today, and there were reports of variable conditions. Some aspects were soft, but others were a bit more challenging. It is good to get it skied before the next installment. Tomorrow, look for some pre frontal conditions as a couple of systems are on the door step. Expect some reduction in visibility as clouds move in. I still think it will be fairly warm, so I will be dressing a bit lighter. I wore a light shell today and was very comfortable. Look for the machine worked lines to offer the smooth and reliable consistency. Off trail will continue to be challenging, but there is plenty of cover to explore off the beaten path. Get ready for fresh Essence in the next couple of days. Dial it up, Dial it in!!



It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, with bright blue skies, no wind, and light traffic to start out the day. Both sides of the hill had been given the grooming treatment, which made the choices good to go no matter which side of the hill you went. The pack is consolidating quite a bit, and it is getting much firmer as all the aspects get worked. There is some significant static off trail, as the pack get more set up and the interference patterns are becoming much more abrupt. Some of the high traffic lines are packing out and are skiing well, but watch for thin spots where traffic is heaviest. The Snow Making Crew has been doing a great job providing some wonderful lines of Gun Powder that let you dial in perfect turns in the long threads spread down hill from the guns. Here is a shot looking South toward Provo Peak with the inversion laying low. Traffic picked up in the afternoon, but it was still walk on Trams all day long. I was staying with the buffed machine worked lines to work on my stamina and timing. Tomorrow, look for another great day of early season snow sport sliding. I will be looking to the Groomers for the corduroy carpets that make each turn a treat. Here is a shot of the great crew at the Forklift. They make each visit the highlight of the day. More snow is in the forecast for the middle of the week, so scope out your lines now so you know where the features are located. I will be looking for the smoothest off trail lines so I can avoid the static when it starts piling up. See you for the ground pounding fun. Why NOT!