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I surfaced through the Quantum Foam after being held down under a huge long set of Gravity Waves, and only now have I been able to look back on the Season. This was the one that everyone was waiting for for years, and it delivered in many ways. The snow came early and began the stoke factor, and as the pack built up, the energy was telegraphed to the world. I had a great time getting those First Trams with the Morning Crew, finding fresh lines on the Groomers, side pockets, and full on Deep Days. The Grooming Crew did an amazing job working the hill as well as the Snow Makers that built up the base, making those rare steep winch cat lines amazing lap after lap. The Morning Forklift meeting were always a high light and a big thanks to the entire Forklift Crew for taking such good care of us. Here is a shot of a few of the stars. Here is a great shot of Brian Beck getting some of the fresh essence out in the Exotic Trees. These days were as good as it gets and there were plenty. I want to thank all those folks who make The Bird turn on a daily basis, The Patrol, Cat Crew, Snow Makers, and every one who works so hard to make each day special. I met a family on the Tram Deck one morning and spoke to them about where to go and what a great day they had ahead of them. Orest Ciolko enthusiastically read my reports every day and expressed how much they helped him. He passed away recently after a big bike ride and it made me really think about how tenuous our hold on each day really is. I treasure each day and all the folks who I meet and ski with. It is a pleasure to share the dream with so many people and I am always humbled by the outpouring of love I get from each and every person. Thanks for reading my posts and sharing in the experience of The Bird. ” Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!! PS. That is the shot of Brian Beck at the top of the post. OOPS on the publishing page, DOH!!



It was the last day of the ski season and another big day of Brewfest, with tons of craft beers on tap for the Faithful. Up on the hill, there had been an overnight freeze and the early runs were very crispy and the West facing aspects were going to take quite a while to break.  I went looking for those aspects that saw the Sun earliest in the morning and found nicely softened corn goodness on steep lines that were a treat this late in the season.  Here is another shot I took today of the snake run that was etched into the pack during this weekend.  I like the way the Sun was setting up the shadows on the turns to give it that high relief.  The energy was high and everyone was having a good time, but I took another long traverse and did an Election line that was smooth and  silky smooth.  Tomorrow, I will be back fighting the Dark Matter Wars where there is increased pressure to advance the lines, so it will be a long Summer.  Look for a season wrap up in the next few days once I can gather together the threads of thought.  Enjoy The Summer and look for all the fun Summer events on tap at the Bird.  IBBY!!



The faithful turned out in large numbers for this morning’s offering,  and the early risers got up the hill before the high winds put a hold on the Tram for a bit.  I took the occasion to ride the Forklift Chair for a nice breakfast while the wind settled down.  Up on the hill, no overnight freeze left the pack in a snowcone quality that made it fun and easy, but slow motion sliding.  I got this great long shot of the big snake run out off The Road To Provo.  Here is another view of this fun line taken from the Peak.  When I got to the Peak, there was plenty of snow and the bowls were looking good, but lower down on the hill the melt off was significant.  There was also a super high vibe going on.  Here are two avid readers of this site who were anxious to get out on the hill.  The temp of the peak was quite balmy, but the wind was gusting up now and again.  Tomorrow, look for another nice day, which will be the last day of the season.  It was a great season, and I had so many amazing days and stellar turns.  I will be doing a season wrap up one of these days soon, so keep an eye out for that.  There will be a lot of pressure for the goods, so get there early to get up on the hill ASAP.  See you there for the morning fun.   Speed Safely!!



After a long week of melt off, the high elevations still have a lot of snow, but Mineral Basin was hit hard and did not open for this weekend.  The Little Cloud Chair was the main access for the goods that were offering that corn feeling.  I made the 9 AM Tram and stayed up high working the aspects that were looking at the Sun first. Lines I have avoided for the most part all season, were now offering steep smooth terrain that kept me turning and holding the line with dialable consistency that felt back country good.  Here is a shot of The Hanging Chute with the cornice hanging strong on the highest ridge on Twins.   There were a lot of folks on the hill, but they just did not seem to be looking too far afield, leaving those outside lines untouched and vacant.  There was a nice GS course set up for training and this shot give an interesting perspective on just how steep upper Mark Malu really is.  Lower on the mountain, the exit is getting very thin, and the Bass Highway requires a bit of walking to traverse the melted off sections.  The sticky factor was really hitting the lower sections hard, and you need to keep that in mind if you don’t want to go over the handle bars.  It is best to stay up high, but both sides of the hill are considered back country and there is marginal grooming.  On the Peruvian side of the hill there are quite long walks required, however there are still lines that make the effort worth while.  Tomorrow, look for a similar timing on the break.  I expect the early hour to be a tad crispy, but softening will be quick to occur.  There is great fun to be had, and look for some of those off the beaten path lines that will reward you with some real treasure turns if you are paying attention.  In closing, here is a great shot of The BLISS BROTHERS getting ready for another lap just as the band was getting started on the Plaza.  These two get more out of a day than most anyone I know, and it is fun to share the stoke.  See you there for more great Spring festivities.  Dial it up, Dial it IN!!