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The day was a blue bird Memorial Day with not a cloud in the sky and great corn goodness going off right out of the Chute.  Mineral was offering nice lines and the Peruvian Gulch was off and running as well, but the Gad Valley would need a little while to hit the sorbet window. Light traffic made back to back Trams easy to make, to take advantage of the big vertical on the front of the hill that was as good as it gets.  There are different types of perfect, but perfect is perfect and you have to savor perfection when you have it all to yourself.  Here is a great shot of Lori Bob and Lori putting it together for runs in the back bowl. The vibe was high all over, and it such a treat to share it all with close friends that have stood the test of time.  Regulator and The Road To Provo began to break, offering some righteous turning when the pack hit the sorbet window. Those pitches make you feel like a hero, with quality that makes each turn a treat.  I kept lapping the Little Cloud Chair to keep the goods close and handy, as lower down on the hill the pack was getting sticky.  More great festivities were happening on the Plaza and there were plenty of folks taking in the ambience.  I will be returning to the Dark Matter Wars once again, but I will return for next weekend’s offerings.  Stay Frosty!!



It was a magic morning with the corn offerings going off right from the start. Regulator was going to take until after 11 AM to get just right, but in the mean time, Mineral Basin and Peruvian Gulch were good to go.  I went off with the Morning Crew to check out a side shot of perfect corn. Here is the shot with Living the Dream as good as it gets.  Peruvian Gulch was going off early, with a sorbet window that was wide open and perfect.  This was just the corn version of perfect powder.   Here is a shot of Anderson’s as smooth as can be.When the Gad side of the hill hit the money, Regulator was just amazing, with great granular turns that let you express your inner Ligety.   Any variation in the turn was rewarded with response and accuracy.  Down on the Plaza, music was a feature and great food at the Forklift Patio was the perfect place to enjoy the day.  Here are two very special folks who had the right idea.  Tomorrow, look for more great corn offerings as there will be another overnight freeze.  Mineral Basin will be going off first as usual, but don’t forget to check out the Peruvian Gulch for readiness as it should go off fast.  The hill is well covered top to bottom, but the lower elevations do get quite sticky later in the morning, making those long cat tracks kind of a slog.  See you there for the morning fun.  See the Line, BE the Line!!



An overnight freeze set the Bird up for great corn today.  Balmy temps. on the peak and bright Sun working Mineral Basin made the  turns soft and creamy from the word GO.  I was sticking with the groomed lines, but after the pack broke, I put down a line on a one day old grooming line on Lone Star that just screamed back country goodness.  On the front of the hill, it was breaking later, with smooth sorbet lines top to bottom if you held on the illuminated aspects that were responding to the Sun.   There was high excitement with everyone getting stoked on the goods.  Here is a shot of the high spirits with Pipeline framing the fun. The quality held up with Regulator and The Road To Provo finishing the break after Noon.  All these lines felt like great back country conditions.  Tomorrow, look for more great corn to be on tap from the opening bell.  Cold overnight temps. will make the first runs a bit crispy, but the Sun will be working it early.  I will be rolling in again for a 9 AM Tram, as I know it will be prime time for the morning session, and I get to sleep in a bit.  Here is a shot looking up at Baldy Bowl with all that corn filling in the high country. There is that much snow up in the higher elevations, so cover is great all over the hill.  See you there for the amazing corn extravaganza and fun music on the Plaza in the afternoon.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



I thought for sure the stormy weather would have held off till later in the day….. But NO!  It was raining buckets here at The Trailer when I started to get ready to roll, so I went back to the rack to sleep in a bit more.  Up on the hill, heavy wet snow was falling with stout wind on the peak.  Reports coming down were still enthusiastic with the freshness, but the quality fell off rapidly toward the bottom.  Here is a shot of Pipeline looking fat and fun in the high elevations, taken from the Road to Provo.  The weather is predicted to warm up this week, but there is still plenty of cover and the Holiday weekend will be another fun time.  I will be returning to the Dark Matter Wars once again, but I will get back for the festivities.  Be well, party on and remember…… Sryup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It was a super blue bird morning, with ultra blue skies and cool temps. to start out the day.  There were a lot of folks already on the hill when I made the 9 AM Tram, as the lifts opened at 8AM.  With the cold temps., Mineral Basin was the first to offer the goods, and things were just starting to break at 9 AM when I first hit it.  Here is a shot of White Diamonds looking smoothand fast, as indeed it was.  Lower Silver Dipper was just hitting the sorbet stage early on and the Sun was working the hill rapidly.  You can get a sense of the ultra blue color of the sky here as well.  On the front of the hill, extensive industrial smoothing had been performed, and it was good to got top to bottom, with a corn feel that was just a delight.  The Gad side of the hill was going to take a while to break.  Down on the Plaza, there was a huge gathering of the Jortski vibration that was just what a day like today was made for. Here is a shot of the fun group.  They were all having such a great time, and it was only going to become more so when they took to the hill.  The temps. had risen markedly when they made their first Tram, so it was perfect. Here is a classic shot of Lexi sporting the Blue Tram jorts as only she can.  Tomorrow, look for more great Spring conditions, with Mineral Basin offering the first softening of the day.  I will be rolling in again for the 9AM slot, just to keep it real. Look for great Grooming on all sided of the hill, but the off trail is a fair bit tricky after all the temperature variations of the past  couple of days.  There is plenty of snow top to bottom, with no issues with rocks, with the exception of a few pebbles here and there in the Cat Track.  See you there for the Spring fun.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



Spring frosting fell on the hill last Wednesday, and the cold overcast days that followed preserved the quality of the freshness.  There was a fair push for the goods this morning, but there was plenty of room for all with Mineral Basin and the Peruvian Chair working the crowd up the hill. Here is a great shot of Mineral Basin that my friend Robert sent from this morning’s offering.  Cold held on all day long, but those  Short glimpses of Sun were sure to affect those direct aspects.  The hill is in great shape this late in the Season and this weekend will be great with Winter quality snow.  Tomorrow, look for the left over lines that may be still about, even after today’s traffic.  The Groomers should be offering Winter cold dry carpets of corduroy.  The hill opens at 8AM,  but I will be rolling in at the usual time none the less.  I will be looking for those High North aspects for the softest unaffected lines and I will be looking for those little hidden shots that often get ignored.  See you there for the festivities.  Speed Safely!!



A very hard freeze overnight left the hill very firm on the front side, but in Mineral Basin the Sun had a chance to soften the prepared lines.  White Diamonds was offering crystal corn on the first few runs, with a much softer feel on Lower Silver Dipper as that lower elevation seemed to have escaped the cold somehow.  Light traffic back there made it seem like a private resort until the faithful started showing up.  I checked out the Front of the Hill and found it needed a bit more time, so I retreated to the Forklift Chair to let softening occur.   After breakfast, the Peruvian Gulch was breaking, and the prepared lines felt like back country corn goodness top to bottom.  As it thawed out, aspects seemed to get better with each run. Here is a shot of Upper PrimrosePath that had been given a very nice treatment, which held up for a very long time.  When the Gad side of the hill broke, I did some checking around the off trail offerings to see if I could find some soft turns.  I found an East facing aspect out on Last Chance that offered up the sorbet delight I was looking for.  Here is a great shot of Team Bellantino who were ready to hit the goods in Mineral Basin and were stoked for the Peak Experience.   Tomorrow, I return to the Dark Matter Wars, which are on going and relentless, but victory is assured, for it is written- on whatever it is that they write it on up there- !!  Today marked the last day of full operation, and we will have to wait until next Weekend for more of the corn goodness.  There is weather in the forecast, so we may see a fresh coat of smooth covering the hill on our return.  As Joe Man The Snow Man says ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!



After all the precipitation of the last while and the cold days early last week, the melt off has begun big time as the snow pack enters the Big Return to the global cycle.  The creek was raging, even though the morning was cold.  Up on the hill, the Sun was out, but there was a very stiff wind blowing out of the Northwest, making it feel much colder than it was.  Mineral Basin was offering the first softened lines, with White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper and Lone Star going off for the first runs of the day.  A short sorbet window was going off quickly, morphing into  the snow cone phase that felt luxurious and dialable.  On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch was breaking slowly, but offered some excellent lines that made it feel like big back country quality that made back to back laps fun and fast to take advantage of the breaking surfaces.  Here is a shot of the Fins in the mouth of the Canyon, which are now getting some Sun shining on them to illuminate the relief of these massive rock features.  Tomorrow, look for more great sliding with very nice corn goodness on all sides of the hill.  Follow the Sun for the breaking surfaces, but expect the Gad Valley to break last as it did today.  Traffic was quite light and back to back Trams were easy to make and you can get as much of the smooth lines as you desire.  The cover continues to be excellent top to bottom with only the high points on the lower mountain showing the underbrush, but the main lines are fat and good to go.  Be sure to stay for the great music provides on the Plaza.  See you there for the smooth sorbet lines in the AM.  IBBY!!



With these very warm days and cool nights, it has been a corn festival up on the hill.  The off trail has smoothed out and the hill is offering some really nice lines.  Here is a shot of Tramratgetting the sorbet window and smooth lines out in the far reaches.  These are the days that you have to be there early to get the goods.  Here is Tramrat and The Captain out on the landing. These shots give you a great sense of the Corn Goodness that is happening during this last week of the regular season.  Tomorrow, look for more early morning sorbet with the Sun working around the dial as the morning progresses.  The sorbet window will not last long, so be there for the goods.  The weekend should be great as well, with lots of cover still on the hill and live music and festivities on the Plaza.  I am still piloting the Star Cruiser in the on going Dark Matter Wars, but I will make the jump back for the weekend.   END TRANSMISSION



With warm overnight temps., the pack did not consolidate much, but it did cool off enough to offer some beautiful snow cone corn goodness.  The Groomed lines were smooth and dialable, making those steep pitches feel like a slow motion movie.  There was Sun out in Mineral Basin, but there were clouds moving in out of the South, that helped keep the quality good for bit longer.  Here is a shot of Powder Paradise I took from the chair. As you can see, there is plenty of snow  in the back bowl and there is still plenty of cover on the front of the hill as well.  The front of the hill was offering top to bottom sorbet, as the North facing pack seemed to have firmed up just enough to hit that sorbet window.  I made numerous laps there to get those sweet lines down on the lower mountain before the quality went South. Tomorrow, look for more great corn conditions, but get there early to get the best of the day before the sticky factor kicks in.  Traffic will be super light and it should feel like a private resort.  I will be returning to the Dark Matter Wars which continue unabated, but rest assured headway is being made and Victory is certain.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!