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Lingering cold held on the the hill for the morning session, and I had dressed just for the occasion.  The Sun made it a Sunday Funday, as the Groomers were offering mid Winter quality out in Mineral Basin to kick things off.  The traffic was light for the first hour or so, but the Faithful began to fill in, making laps on the Chairs up high the call to avoid the Tram line.  I dialed in some soft lines out on Mark Malu, as it was vacant with the crowd hanging out in Mineral Basin.  There was a big slide during mitigation operations and here is a shot of some of the slide debris.  Just adjacent to this shot was a perfectly prepared carpet of soft, smooth corduroy that just said “Make Some Laps”.  On the front of the hill, there were nice lines to check out, with the High North still holding the cold.  After 11:00AM., the lower elevations began to get a bit thick, and Mineral Basin was going South quickly, making it a good call to stay up high.  Coverage remains excellent, with all the high points recoated with freshness and the majority of the static and rumble gone for the season.   Tomorrow, look for some clouds to be in the mix.  The Groomers will still be the place to be for the Lay It Over Like Ligety program, with the corduroy offering the deep pile feel.  Traffic should be nominal for this time of the year, and access should be quick and easy, as the push is over now.  The High North aspects still should be good to go, but steer clear of those due South and East aspects that will be very difficult to be sure.  In closing, here is a shot of my friend Mike, kite boarding the big open expanses across from Alta.  Note there is not a single track on that hill, which is a very rare site with all this snow.  I will be slipping back to Dark Matter Wars once again, after I pulled an Avatar substitution so THEY would not know I was MIA. What could that hurt?……Nothing!!  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It was clear, cold, and windy this morning, making this the first time in a long time we got to see the Sun.  The cold and wind was going to keep the new product refrigerated before the high angle rays started cooking it.  Heavy pressure for the goods was full on, but they were there for the super conditions that were waiting in the wings and they were not disappointed.   Here is a great shot of perfection waiting for the Faithful when the rope drops that Adam sent along.  The conditions there and in Mineral Basin were all time, and everyone was claiming it was the best of the season.  After yesterday’s quality, this has to be one of the days that will go down in the Legend File.   Here is a shot of some pristine lines that my friend Lackey got out in Mineral.  Tomorrow, look for more great conditions, with full on Groomers to be offered on all sides of the hill. The off trail will be determined by how much the Sun worked it today.  The high North should still be holding the cold as the temps. remained cool all day.  There should be some warming, so get the goods early before it goes off.  See you there for the ground pounding Fun.  Stay Frosty!!



More of the Essential Substance was dropped on the hill, and with the previous higher density product well worked into the dance floor, this added accumulation made the conditions Super Blower top to bottom, wall to wall.  I could not get over how amazing this April 28th delivery felt and flowed.  Hoots and hollers were echoing continually as the Faithful were dialing in their favorite lines.  Most of the hill was open to start the day, and the Peruvian Chair was on line helping with the traffic.  There was a lot of pressure for the goods but the added terrain spread the crowd out much better.  Here is a shot of the accumulation that was, once again, deposited on the Plaza Deck.  This shot was taken this morning and is not a recycled shot from the other day.Mineral Basin opened later in the morning, offering a real treat for the Faithful, who have been waiting for the goods there for these last days.  High Baldy was open as well, with very deep lines that were bottomless and overhead. Wall to wall excellence was the order of the day and the quality and temps. had a fully mid Winter feel.  The clouds kept the Sun from working the pack and the quality remained unchanged all day.  Snow continued to fall all day long and it is still storming here at The Trailer as I write this.  Tomorrow, look for more fresh Essence to be covering the dance floor, more un trammeled areas still waiting in the wings, and another chance to get the real deal before Spring returns.  The forecast is for improving weather and high temps. for the week ahead. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The goods just keep comin’ day after day and today was no exception.   Another foot of medium density product was covering the dance floor, but the high winds were really hitting it hard out of the West.  The faithful were on deck early and ready for more, but with all the extra snow, the mitigation efforts were complicated by very active conditions.  When the hill opened, there was a full court press for the goods, which were thick and wind affected, however, the snow felt cold and dry, making it very approachable despite the density.  I steered clear of the crowd, by dialing in some of the sections along the rope lines, where there were still untracked lines that offered a bit of protection from the wind.  After 2 runs, I visited the Forklift Chair to assess the options.   There was a lively meeting of the Morning Crew, who were comparing notes and planning the afternoon session.  Here is a shot of Elaine, who was furiously working to keep the all the details of the breakfast rush well in hand.  She is an amazing individual, with so many talents, and she excels at all of them.  She makes a gray day bright and Sunny.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, so the hill will be under the gun once again.  Pressure for the goods will be heavy again, but the conditions will be worth the wait.  The hill is wall to wall covered and deep, so expect some wind waves to be out and about.  I ran into a couple today, but I was able to blow through them without issue.  More snow is in the forecast, and the temps. will be Winter cold, so dress for weather.  I dressed up for today’s festivities, and I am so glad I did as the wind was biting and the wind chill was penetrating.  See you there for the freshness.  IBBY!!



The Faithful were on deck and ready to partake of the leftover goodness that waited in the wings.  The Groomers were offering mid Winter quality, with just a dusting to make each turn a treat.  Blackjack opened with a much more consolidated feel than yesterday’s offering.  The Tram line was very long again, but patience and good folks made the wait go much faster.  I was able to get 2 quality untracked runs with no pressure by moving contrary to the crowd.  The lower mountain began to absorb some of the ambient warmth of the air, as it became a bit thick as Noon approached.  Mineral Basin opened and that drained the Tram line considerably.  There were still gems to be found with a bit of looking.  Here is a shot of Candelabra that Neil sent.He went looking for the obscure and ignored and scored big time.  Visibility was variable as clouds moved in and out all day, but there was plenty of detail to navigate without any problems.  Tomorrow, look for fresh Essence to have been delivered, as it is raining briskly here at The Trailer.  The hill is in great shape, and with the new product, conditions should be refreshed and good to go for another go round of late April freshness.  Here is a shot of Wynonna, who was wrapping up a great day on the hill. She is a charter member of the Morning Crew and got it all.  Since today’s visibility was not really photo friendly, I caught this shot of a flower arrangement by Julia, who puts together the most stunning arrangements that light up the day and add color to an otherwise gray sky.  See The Line, BE The Line!!



April promised to be a wet one, when I dialed in my Prognosticator Device, and it has now delivered in a big way.  24” was served up for the Faithful, who were in full attendance for the occasion.  With only the Tram dealing with the pressure, there was a big push for the goods.  The Essence was blower, but was medium density, which totally made the old surface just a footnote when you were dialed into the line.  Here is a shot of the tape measure documenting the depth on the Plaza.  The stoke factor was high and when the Peruvian side of the hill opened, the real treats on the hill were delivering well beyond all expectations.  Here is another shot of the accumulation.  Needless to say, I can’t elaborate more on how good the conditions are presently, and will continue to improve as this stream of moisture continues to pour through The Front for the week.  April, historically is a big snow month, and this pay off was not unexpected.  Here is a great shot of my friend Chris Thiel, getting a big day on April 28th 1978.  Of course, this day was sunny, but the quality was just this good without exaggeration. Chris was one of the hard chargers on the hill when I arrived and he was a roll model for me as a newbie.  With all this weather coming at us, I think we can expect even more amazing Powder that will go down in the books for sure.  Tomorrow, look for more to be waiting in the wings, and more stormy weather to go with it.  The hill is in amazing shape wall to wall, with practically no melt off, so all lines are good to charge with unmitigated audacity.  In closing, here is a shot of Coach Rich Reichle, who was suiting up for a big day on the hill with PSIA.  He comes from a long family line of coaches and it was great listening to his enthusiasm.  I know he had a great time with all the new snow, and will have great stories to take home with him after his stay.  Rock ON Coach!!   Stay Frosty!!



Clouds shrouded the peaks this morning and precipitation was falling on the hill, while I was 5 Parsecs away and knee deep in Quantum Foam.  Up on the hill, the Morning Crew was on time and ready to play as they always are.  Corn goodness was lying beneath a light skiff of dust and more was delivered all day long as the first of a number of  low pressure systems begin this wet cycle.  You can count on The Morning Crew to be working the hill no matter the conditions, and today was no exception.  Here is a shot of the Team sending a message to me telepathically.Not to be left out of the shot is Craig from Minnesota, who was kind enough to take this shot of the Team.  Craig reads these reports and it is fun to know he was part of the Morning Crew Fun.Tomorrow, look for more fresh Essence to have been delivered as the system continues to deliver impulse after impulse over the hill, and that translates into goooood!! Look to the Groomed lines for the smoothest ride, but the off trail may well be worth checking out.  More weather is in the forecast for tomorrow, so dress for cold.  Traffic should be very light, and max vertical will be easy to get.   April continues to deliver and it is not over yet.  Stay Frosty!!



With a cloudy day forecast, it was a treat to have the morning break bright, sunny, and warm.  Mineral Basin was primed and ready for fun with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering the sorbet goodness for the very first runs.  Lone Star had also been given the royal treatment, that called for many lap returns to get as much of that treasure as possible. On the front of the hill, the upper elevations were still holding some of that soft feel, but lower down the pack had frozen and needed some time to break. Over on Gad 2, nice sorbet lines were happening, as the Sun was working, and the feel was sweet and rippable. Here is a shot of Sully and Jake at The Landing as we took stock of a great season, and reflected on the amazing conditions and cover that is still full, fat, and wonderful.  We also took a moment to wish our good friends Tramrat and Patti the best wishes on the trip to the coast.  Clouds began moving in around Noon and the lights went out, with the pack becoming soft and sticky on the lower elevations.  It paid to stay up high and work the good North facing aspects for the longest lasting quality on such a balmy morning.  Tomorrow, there will be scaled back lift service, with Gad Zoom and Gad 2 closing for the season.  Be sure to factor that into your approach to the hill.  There is weather in the forecast and the clouds are looking thick and dark.  We will have to see what kind of freeze we get, but there will still be good Groomers to work, with tenderized lines for traction.   As a parting note, I have been redeployed in the on going Dark Matter Wars, which continue with a frenzied intensity.   I will not be on the hill daily, but I will be able to rematerialize on the Weekends via the Jump Room Technology that makes long travel between Galaxies as fast as entering a room.  I will post when I have first hand knowledge of the conditions.  Stay tuned, and know that the hill is in great shape and Spring conditions will continue to be excellent.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The Sun was bright and the sky was clear for today’s offerings.  With the warm temps. and bright Sun it was a race around the dial to stay ahead of the baking snow surface. The protected off trail lines were still holding the residual soft of yesterday’s powder festival, and the Groomers were offering the smooth corduroy with all that new product mixed into the mat.  Some very high thin clouds began to move in ahead of the next impulse that is headed this way.  Here is a shot of the Sun Dog I took with an interesting Blue ORB just to the left.  Now, many would say lens flair, but I took 5 shots of this because I just can’t see that little screen in the Sun, and none of the other shots had this little guy.  Lens flair perhaps, but I am going with Blue ORB.  Tomorrow, look for clouds to have moved in for the day, with some showers, perhaps, showing up.  Look for the Groomers for those good to go lines that will get your motor running.  We will have to see if we get a freeze, but tenderizing efforts will help the traction.  I think it will be fairly mild, so it should be easy to find the smooth lines and I will be looking for the sorbet window to open on the front side.  See you there for those ground pounding laps in the AM.   “….. Explode Into Space”!!!



An extra 8 to 10 inches of beautiful Winter Essence covered the hill and the Faithful were in full attendance for the occasion.  The hill opened in sections as it will on such days and it was a treat to be able to get some of the rope drops I have missed all season. The high density of the product cushioned the ride, and made all the off trail lines I hit sweet and mid Winter smooth.  While the density was high, the snow was cold and dry top to bottom.  Most of the Traffic was focused on the Gad side of the hill while the Peruvian side was being controlled, so when the openings happened, it seemed as if I had the lines all to myself.  News traveled fast and the goods got worked quickly, but there were plenty of side stashes to squeeze out a few extra un tracked lines.  Visibility was variable, but there was some clearing trying to break through.  Here is a shot of the mouth of the Canyon with some low clouds swirling in the clear spot.  Tomorrow, look for a blue bird day as High Pressure is moving in and the temps. will be rising.  There will be soft snow all over the hill, but there may be some Sun affected lines.  Mineral Basin will be the place to start out, as the Sun will be working those aspects and will render them very manky quickly. The front of the hill will offer prepared lines as well, but I think there will still be enough off trail to discover during the early hours.  Traffic should be quite heavy as there is a special on lift tickets that The Bird is offering.  I will be taking the day off to get ready for the week.  As a parting shot here is Mikey M’s son Michael who is well on his way to getting the hang of the big mountain experience. It won’t be long until he is telling his Dad to keep up, and Mikey M rips it.  As Joe Man The Snow Man says, ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!