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Flurries continued all day and the temps. were cold, with wind up at the the higher elevations keeping the snow quality well preserved all day long.  While the Sun did try to poke out a couple of times it never really cut through the storm clouds.  Mineral Basin opened with a huge surge of the faithful who were waiting for the opening.  The wind seemed to have consolidated the Essence, making it feel a bit heavier than the snow on the front side of the hill.  The traffic on the front of the hill disappeared when the crowd swarmed the back, so I took advantage of the lull to get the extra laps in.  Wynonna sent me this magical shot of the Snow Angel she made just out ahead of this last installment.  If that is the magic that brings the snow, I’ll take it!!Super deep pockets were still to be found if you knew where to look, and here is a great shot of Mikey M getting down and deep on one of the High North aspects that were being ignored.  This past cycle has been All Time, and the conditions on the hill are great wall to wall.  Even the rumble is blastable and fun.  Today’s Groomers were super special, with deep carving turns rebounding with precision and ease.  Going for the Quad option paid dividends when the Tram line was building up.  Tomorrow, look for some more Essence to be deposited on the hill by the continuous impulses that are moving through.  I think the wind will be working some of the aspects as well, so look to the Southeast aspects for smooth wind filled lines.  We will see.  The Groomers will also be providing ultra perfect Hydro velvet goodness, where you can explore you inner Ligety!!  See you there for these amazing days of mid Winter excellence.  IBBY!!



There was a skiff on The Trailer as I headed up the hill this morning, and the snow was driving hard all the way up, with very greasy conditions on the road.  Up on the hill, it was a full on blizzard with the Essence falling fast and hard.  The Tram got off on time, with Regulator only off the top and there was already 14” or more of blower powder that was just amazing.  I worked the Quads to beat the Tram line and got run after run of very deep goodness where the wind had deposited the snow in the guts.  When the Peruvian Gulch opened, the depth was full on suffocating top to bottom, and you needed to work the steepest pitches to keep the momentum going.  What a morning!!!  The Forklift recon breakfast meeting offered tales from the Exotic Trees and Cirque Traverse, where the morning crew found untracked excellence top to bottom  Here is a shot of The Powder Bros., who I have known for 40 years.  You can take the Powder Bros. away from The Bird, but you can’t take The Bird away from the Powder Bros.  I know they were going to get the steep and deep.   I had to bail to beat the Canyon closure at Noon, so I left the rapidly mounting pack to the gang.  When I got back to the car, there was a foot of fresh in just those 4 hours.  That is Dump City!!  Tomorrow, look for residual flurries, more goodness waiting in the wings, and super deep conditions wall to wall.  Break out your fattest ride, because you are going to need it.  Conditions are ALL TIME and that is no exaggeration.  It will be good where ever you choose to go.  See you there for the Steep and Deep.  As Joe Man The Snowman says, “Don’t Skip On The GROOVE SAUCE!!”



It was a clear cold morning, with wind only on the highest ridge lines.  The powder of recent days had consolidated, leaving only about the top 4 or 5 inches loose on the surface.  The rumble had returned, but the cold dry consistency made arcing through it easy and fun.   The Groomers were impossibly good, with the Hydrovelvet corduroy Zizzing underneath the ski with each turn.  Mineral Basin was amazing, with the wide open lines fairly vacant for the first hour, after which the faithful began arriving backing up the chair.  Still, those early runs were as good as it gets.  I jumped on the Peruvian Express to start out the day as it was walk on open, and went through The Tunnel for the first time this season.  Here is a shot of the light at the end of it.  The Red Lens Line out in the Exotic Trees opened later in the morning, offering incredibly buoyant Essence that let you work each turn with artistic license.  After it got tracked out it got heavy and required a slower more deliberate approach.  Still, it was really great to have that freshness available this many days after the storm.   I met Susan Marshal and Ray Dodd on the dock today.  They both read the site daily and have read Snowbird Secrets. They were interested in some of the more esoteric aspects contained in it.  It was interesting as well that they are deeply interested in Belief Systems as that has been my life long pursuit, and it was great to trade perspectives.   Tomorrow, look for a front to move in during the early morning hours, bringing another installment of the freshness.  Expect storm conditions, with variable visibility, cold temps, and wind working the pack.  Look to the Groomers to provide the smooth lines in the compromised visibility, but the High North is holding some smooth fat lines from the traffic today.   In closing, I would like to acknowledge the amazing work The Patrol did during this last cycle.  They saw a lot of action with the snow coming so fast and furious.  Here is Matt and Don outside of the Gad 2 Patrol Shack enjoying the Sun and warming temps.  Thanks for keeping us all safe and in the Fun Zone.  IBBY!!



Flurries continued today after that huge dump of the last cycle.  Pressure for the goods was heavy as expected, but there was a lot of deep snow waiting in the wings. The groomers were off the charts deluxe and the off trail was still offering the soft pack wall to wall.  With the visibility a bit variable, and the cold temps., the quality of the pack remained excellent all over the hill.  This season kind of reminds me of the ’94 season where a lot of snow came fast and the quality was amazing much like this season.  Here is a shot of me on West Baldy in 43” when Mike Chew and I got a full Tram head start on the crowd when the Patrol dropped the rope. This was one of those memories that I will never forget and it was a treat to have Mike Chew get the living proof.  I am sure these past days will be etched in the memories of all the folks who got similar experiences.  The Bird makes memories that last a life time.  Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, awesome groomers to dial in your inner Ligety, and soft lines all over the hill with some pockets of wonder waiting to be found.  Conditions are all time, and there is more on the way as another system is forecast to move in later in the day.  I will be back on the hill tomorrow and will get a closer look at the hill.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



These are amazing days with continual snowfall that lives up to the lore of LCC.  With a storm total well North of 40” there came the issues of so much accumulation.  The road closure this morning had the traffic backed up for miles and when the Canyon opened it was only for a while before it reclosed due to a slide.  Those folks that did get up, and those who were on hand at the resort, were treated to legendary conditions with very little pressure.  Here is a shot I pulled off of Facebook. It was posted by my friend Matt Kirchner who took this selfie that said it all.  This is the face of supreme happiness and this is one guy who knows how to get it done.  What more is there to say when the conditions go so far into the Legend Zone.  Tomorrow, look for more amazing conditions as there is still more waiting in the wings.  There will be high pressure for the goods and  I know that everyone who gets up for the occasion will get to participate in what will become stories that are told for a long time to come.  I will be taking the day off as usual, even though I had to bail on today due to the road issues, but I will be there in spirit.  Enjoy these days that we have dreamed of, and which have arrived.  Stay Frosty!!



A very deep and light installment greeted the morning crew, with blower quality top to bottom.  The Tram was backed up early, but the chairs were wide open and got you to the goods quickly.  I worked the quads on both sides of the hill to access the lines I had in mind, and the wind added to the depth in the shots I chose to explore.  There really was not a shot on the hill that was not amazing, so it was great for everyone everywhere.   Here is a shot of the mascot Subaru that is parked on the Plaza showing off the recent accumulation.  The wind was howling up high, so there were lines that were offering free refills with each return.  So many of the lines I chose were so deep that a full on fall line power blast approach was required to keep the momentum going through the deepening Essence.  The snow was falling with amazing intensity, making the visibility a real issue, and the accumulation was impressive all day long.  With a 2:30PM road closure, I tried to get out ahead of the crowd, but the super greasy road conditions sent me back to my parking space to wait a better time.  Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of deep powder.  The road will be closed in the AM., so check the road reports for access to the Canyon.  The conditions will be all time after today’s accumulation and the continued snow fall overnight.  I am going to take a very casual approach to getting up the Canyon, as pressure will be heavy.  See you there for the all time quality and very deep luxury!  See the Line, BE the Line!!



The Essence that was delivered overnight was of amazing quality top to bottom and on all aspects.  Some of the steep West  faces had sloughed a bit, but over all everywhere you chose was blower deep and as good as it gets.  The new installment had just the right buoyancy that made all the shots I went for bottomless.  The traffic was very heavy for the goods, so I worked the ignored uphill lift to get a jump on the goods that were waiting.  Here is a shot of the deep trees where I found face shots and no pressure for the lines. Yes it was just that deep.  Sometimes going for the obscure is staying one step ahead of the game.  Mineral Basin opened a bit later in the day, where the big lines offered goodness that drew hoots, hollars, and gasps of amazement from the Faithful.  It certainly was one of those days that is written about in the magazines.  As the pack got worked over, the harbor chop began to rise, however, a slow, round, deliberate approach made moving through the piles fun and easy.  Hitting it hard and blasting was a workout in the first degree.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to cover the hill as it is snowing hard here at The Trailer as I write this.  You can count on all aspects being great once again with the fresh coating.  All entrances are fat and full, with the High North drops good to go.  All that wind worked wonders during that last high velocity blast the other day.  There will still be high pressure for the goods, so use you go to methods to stay ahead of the game.  IBBY!!



The Trailer was rockin’ all night long in the pounding wind, and I knew that the Snow Gods were putting the touches on the hill to make it as smooth as can be top to bottom.  Up on the hill, the wind was big, loud, and moving the product in perfect wind buffed lines that were supportable yet velvety.   The Tram was down, and the Peruvian Chair was delayed, so a Gad 2 excursion offered great tree lines that were getting filled in rapidly, with the interference patters being erased and forgotten.  When The Peruvian Chair opened, after a gracious breakfast at The Forklift, I was able to catch first tracks out on Lower Baldy, where I bagged Eye Of The Needle with first tracks and a perfectly smooth line top to bottom.  I have not hit that line for years as it is rarelyever that perfect and there was no one there. I had to lap that traverse numerous times to get the maximum benefit of the free refills that were offered up all day.  These are my kind of powder days, where it is un tracked every time you hit the line.  With the wind pumping and snow falling out ahead of the approaching front, you have to know the top of the mountain is getting primed for massive excellence.  Yesterday’s wind lines on Upper Silver Fox were just the warm up for what is to come.  All the rumble- GONE- All the interference patterns- Gone!!  Nothing but smooth.  Here is a shot I got of the Sun lighting up the Valley with only the high peaks getting the weather.  Presently,the rain is pounding on the skin of The Trailer with persistent intensity, signaling heavy snow up on the hill and this is only the beginning.  With the wind smoothed lines, the overnight accumulation, and the positive looking forecast, I think we are looking at another amazing cycle lining up for us.  My friend Andrew, from New Zealand, rolled into the Forklift after a long flight.  He was trying to time the cycle and I think he nailed it in a big way.  Welcome back Andrew, thanks for bringing the snow.  Be sure to check the Canyon report for restrictions in the AM.    As Joe Man the Snow Man says, ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!



The Sun was shining for the first hour this morning before clouds began to move in.  As anticipated, there was some fresh accumulation, and the South wind had prepared the hill with wind lines on many aspects.  The High North seemed to have benefited the most from the wind work, as the first Tram unloaded and the hard driving first wave made Upper Silver Fox look as spectacular as it was.  Yesterday’s installment had been packed out by the wind, making it smooth and predictable every where I went.  The Groomers were offering greatness as well, with wind driven dust covering the corduroy.  That Lower Primrose Path line had been reworked, which offered insanely smooth buffage that made me hurry back for more.  There was a lot of traffic, but after the initial push, the lines were short and turnarounds were a snap.  After Noon, the wind really kicked into high gear, moving more snow to the High North. I was not able to get a good shot of the day, with the clouds and visibility issues, and I missed that short Sun window in the morning, so I am putting up this example of the Art I have been playing with.  Tomorrow, look for the wind lines to be freshened, the Groomers will be seriously dialable, and the traffic should be a lot lighter.  The wind is forecast to still be a big factor as the next Low moves toward the Front, so look for free refills on some aspects.  All the entrances are really filled in, with easy access.  I am now working lines that I have ignored all season, taking advantage of the great cover.  The hill is in great shape and there are so many choices it would take days to hit them all.  See you there for the fun lines in the Fun Zone!!  IBBY!!



There was an early and big push for the goods this morning, but the entire mountain was open for the opening bell.  Though I was on the 3 rd Tram, I was able to get a very nice line by going for the smooth sections I have been working all week.  Medium density Essence coated the surface, which went a long way toward mitigating the rumble that was widespread, however, the well defined lines of interference patterns were reflecting through will full articulation.  Lower down on the hill, I went long, looking for the lines that were hiding in the storm.  I got this pristine shot through the aspens that was delightful and vacant.  I really love to take the time to go far enough to the perimeter to get the fresh lines with no pressure.  The harbor chop built up quickly with the density of the product, so I called it a day early to save my knees from the pounding.   While waiting for my first Tram I met Harry Caston, who is the father of Marcus and Rosie Caston. Both Marcus and Rosie are amazing free riders that push the limits of intense excitement.  I am always amazed at the lines that Marcus bags on a daily basis and it was great to meet the father of such great athletes.    Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation, but I don’t expect too much to be added the dance floor.  Look for the Groomers to be rockin’, with super carvacious quality.  That harbor chop will still be in effect, but perhaps some overnight wind might set up some sweet wind lines.  Those lines have been going off for days now, so I think that might be worth looking at for the morning session.  Traffic will again be high during this holiday weekend, but there is plenty of space to find your soft lines and the lifts were dealing with the pressure in fine fashion.  It is great to have the fresh coating.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!