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Though the Sun was shining on the hill, there was a persistent Northwest wind that made the morning quite cold.  I dressed for warm weather, so I bailed on the Mineral Basin routine, as I did not want to freeze on the chair.  The Groomers back there were great, with wind transported snow cushioning the ride.  I worked the Peruvian side of the hill to take advantage of the amazing Grooming that had been prepared there.  Lower Lower got the Grooming nod, which is a very rare event, and I just dialed in those steep, dry, chalky turns, extracting as much goodness as I could from each turn.  Very light traffic made back to back Trams a breeze, and the vertical stacked up quickly.  Regulator had been scoured and was smooth but very firm, so I was opting for the Mark Malu lap for variation.   I met the Shred Sisters today on the Tram.  They were stoked to be on the hill, and I gave them the 411 of where the smooth buffage was living.  I know they had a good time, because great lines were easy to find.  The afternoon warmed up, but the wind continued to blow, though the wind lines began to build, and more options were coming available.  Tomorrow, look for another ground pounding extravaganza.  I will be looking for the wind to have worked some nice lines for the morning session, and the Groomers will also be offering that sweet Hydro Velvet.  The buffed lines have been holding up all day, but I still expect Regulator to still be quite firm, so keep that in mind.  I will probably dress a bit warmer for the morning session, as I did miss my Lewis and Clark laps.  See you there for the bright Sun and fast lines.  See the Line, BE the Line!!



It was a bit cooler this morning with a stout Northwesterly breeze keeping the temps. from warming up the air.  The Hydro Velvet was really offering the goods, with some of the big drops prepared very nicely.  As anticipated, those due South aspects did get zapped by the Sun and were a touch crispy and those off trail aspects were very tricky with a stiff crust that made you pay attention.  It was great having the Technicolor visibility, and the reflected Sun on the front of the hill, bathed the shadows with some golden light that made Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path a treat.   Here is a shot of some of the amazing women of Team Sizzle, who have been sharing the DREAM with me for decades on the hill.  One cannot keep up with their pace. Trust Me!!The afternoon warmed up and the wind died down a bit, so the temps. got balmy indeed.  The groomers were holding up and the lower drops were getting better with use.  Those off trail wind lines had been worked over fairly well yesterday, and while they were still good, they did not have that velvet feel they had yesterday.  Still, it was fun hitting those long smooth lines even if there was a bit of static.  Here is a shot of the cornice at the top of the Baldy Chair that got heavily sculpted by that last wind event.  Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun on the Groomers, which will still be holding the cold dry chalk.  The off trail is getting worked and interference patterns are building quickly, though that dry chalky feel can be found in there as well.  There are great lines all over the hill and you will be able to find the goods with a bit of looking.  The day will be balmy again.  IBBY!!



Overnight a big wind scoured the hill, transporting much of the snow that wasn’t nailed down, filling all the low guts on all aspects.  The wind lines that it left were solid and smooth, which made lapping those lines a rare treat.  These conditions are exactly what I access when I am working machine worked lines, but in this case it was all done by natural processes.  Here is a longshot of that wind buffed line out under the Bookend Chutes.  That line was absolutely perfect just as that line out in the Exotic trees a couple of days ago was perfect, it was just a different form of perfect.  I call it 40” of Zero %.   Here is the shot I took at the top of the line looking down the pitch at nothing but smooth dry chalk.  On the front of the hill, the wind had placed the dust all over the prepared lines that were also back country smooth and perfect.  With no Tram line, it was easy and fast to get the laps going to get as much of the goods there as well.  It is amazing how fast the hill can change complexion, and this was a real treat to have on such a sunny day.  Tomorrow, look for those smooth lines to still be offering the goods, however, they did get a lot of traffic and may not be as pristine as today’s offering, but you can count on the Groomers to be offering fresh corduroy that is every bit as good as the natural surface.  Be sure to dig into the pack and squeeze as much out of each turn as you can.  Temps. will again be balmy and still as the High Pressure moves over the Front.  I was able to wear my light shell after all those cold windy days.  It will be a great day on the hill and the morning session will be stellar.  As Joe Man The Snowman say’s ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!



After a long stretch of great Powder bringing weather, the inversion returns to the Front.  Cold temps. in the Valley and warmer temps. in the higher elevations make the Bird the perfect place to be to get up out of the mist.  Up on the Hill, all the bowls are full of fluff, the Groomers are off the charts sweet, and the visibility is full resolution.  Even thought the inversion has begun, the temps. up high were still not quite balmy, but in the next few days we should see much warmer ambience.   Here is a shot taken yesterday out on Last Chance, where the Powder was blowerand Tim Burdick, shooting action shots for Powder Shots, got this rare action shot of me getting the deep goodness.  It is great to have these pro photographers out on the hill getting the action, and letting you take home that NOW moment.  Thanks Tim and Powder Shots for the courtesy shot.  Tomorrow, look for more Sun, ultra buffed Hydro Velvet to shred, and still soft snow on most aspects.  Those due South aspects probably saw a bit of morphing going on today, so take that into account for line choice.   Here is a shot along the Red Lens Line that I got yesterday on my way through The Exotic Trees.There are still plenty of pockets of goodness to find with a bit of looking, so get up out of the fog and into the Light and enjoy the return of the Sun.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It was clear cold and Sunny today after a long stretch of stormage.  It was great to get a blue bird day with amazing snow to make it post card perfect.  There were stout winds blowing the highest elevations, but for the most part it was fairly still on the hill.  Some wind transported lines had been laid down overnight, however, they were a touch on the stiff side, but fun none the less.  The remaining areas that were waiting in the wings were opened with variable conditions on the higher elevations, and much lighter powder down lower.  Here is a shot from The Exotic Treeswhich had been totally filled in by this last cycle, completely erasing the interference patterns that had been there previously. This line was over knee deep and absolutely PERFECT!! What a stroke of fortune to get the first lines out here today.  The off trail is still feeling soft and workable for the most part, and some of the more remote lines were providing some amazing quality.  Needless to say, the conditions today were excellent and stayed that way all day long.    Here is a shot of Tramrat getting the a fresh line on a Lewis and Clark lap in the early morning.You can see it is a bit wind affected, but it still felt great and bottomless.  Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with soft snow and great lines off trail, full tilt boogie Groomers top to bottom, and a bit warmer temps.  Everything is fully fat for the first time in many years.  You just can’t go wrong when the snow is great and the Sun is out.  Stay Frosty!!!



A beautiful 3 or 4 inches of Extra Essence covered the dance floor to start today’s festivities.  Snow was still falling briskly as the day began and continued all day long, with only a few tantalizing glimpses of the Sun, with surrounding peaks becoming visible at times.  Here is a shot I took of The Pfeifferhorn peering out during a break in the clouds.  There was a short delay for the opening of Mineral Basin, so working the Groomers on the Peruvian and Gad sides of the hill was a treat, with big, smooth, steep, lines serving up exquisite quality with the new product covering the mat.  When Mineral did open, there too the fresh coating added extra fluff and cushion to the off trail lines and made the Machine Worked lines excellent as well. Visibility was variable, but enough details were visible to keep the guessing to a minimum.  Powder Paradise opened around 1 PM. with amazing quality that was orgasmic in the extreme for those who were there for the drop.  Here is the line pushing out to the Bookends and beyond where it was wide open and un trammeled.  The Cat Track had not been established yet, so it was single file all theway out.  Persistence paid off with your own choice of line as the Faithful dropped off the traverse, leaving just you and a pristine run top to bottom.  EEEEEYOW!!   Tomorrow, look for improving weather as the system has moved East and High Pressure is poised to take over.  Off trail continues to be soft, but do expect some rumble and the development of Interference Patterns to begin building in with traffic.  All aspect are good to go, as the Sun has not had a chance to work it yet.  The Groomers should be off the chart ripping, with perfect Hydro Velvet quality on all aspects.  A few lingering flurries might add a bit of dust just to kick it up a notch for the morning session.  Cold temps. will still be hanging in, so dress for the conditions.  IBBY!!



A few inches of ultra light Essence covered the dance floor this morning, which made the prepared lines amazing.  Off trail, the left overs were still soft, though they were stiffening up and required a deliberate approach.  Baldy opened, with more of the perfect quality that has been happening all week.  Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the goods on Baldy.  The hill just keeps offering some of the best conditions of the season.  Around 1PM., Mineral Basin opened with deep lines that were decidedly thicker than the snow on the front side.  Still, it was very smooth and blower for those first tracks.  I checked out Lewis and Clark, where I was able to go back and put down  a second set of tracks right next to the line I put down first.   Here is a shot of the  first set I put in.  The conditions remained excellent, though the visibility was variable, there were moments of clarity that let me get a look at the slope.  There were great lines on all aspects of the hill, and I had a great time where ever I went.  On the Plaza the snow has really built up and as an indication of how deep it is I offer this shot of the tables with the tops just showing.  Tomorrow, look for continued flurries and variable visibility, more light density Essence to have fallen overnight, and more un tracked still waiting in the wings.  Off trail will continue to be soft, though thickening can be expected as the day continues.  The hill is fully fat, and any line you choose will be good to go, with consistent quality top to bottom.  Those Groomers will be offering the best smooth lines in the AM. and with the light covering of dust, will be worth getting early.  Get ready for another great day of a great season.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!



The storm cycle continued today after dumping many feet of freshness on the hill, leaving super deep Essence for The Faithful to experience.  Visibility was variable, but the details seemed to be enough to provide solid reference points.  As the sections of the hill opened, amazing lines of perfection were waiting.  At times I hit the groomed lines that had 7 or so inches covering the smooth buff, which felt incredible underfoot.  I got numerous un tracked lines by working the sections that were being ignored.  Great Scott was fully fat, and I was able to begin turning right from the very top and did not see any evidence of the fins that had been there just days ago. What a treat to get that entrance full and good to go.  Here is a shot of the goods in deep trees.  There is a lot of snow here and it is only going to get deeper as continued flurries will be falling all night and into the morning.   Tomorrow, look for continued flurries during the day, so dress for storm riding.  Visibility should still be variable, but if today is any indication, it should not be much of an issue.   I ran into the Snow Queen ” Lori Gibbs, who came out from the coast to be here for the big cycle.   She is a World Champion Pro Rider and was getting all of what was being offered.  It was a real treat to see her, catch up, and share the vibes that days like this bring.   There are still many areas of the hill waiting in the wings to be opened, so there will be plenty of perfection to be had.  See you in the morning for more amazing turns.  See the Line, BE the Line!!!



This cycle is so big it closed out the Canyon today with no opening,  as the storm dropped even more on the hill.  This is like decades in the past where it seemed to go on for days and this is doing just that.   Here is a shot of Dave Shoeneck Jr. getting the super deep yesterday.  Thanks for sending the shot Dave, it says it all.  There is not much to say except that the conditions are all time on all levels all over the hill.  I had a feeling it was going to be one of those years.  Estimated opening of the Canyon is 9AM., so check the Bird site for updates.  It is going to be big!!   IBBY!!



A combination of big snow, and big wind made for a very interesting day.  The wind had scoured some of the higher elevation aspect, but other aspects got the goods with the transport.  Some of the aspect were wind buffed as well, but lower down on the hill was deep and blower.  Traffic was very heavy and the road up the Canyon was backed up to Big Cottonwood at 8:30 AM.   I decided not to make the ascent and went back The Trailer to talk to the horses in the coral, and watch the games.   Here is a shot of me last year getting the face shots that I could have got today, but lots of the faithful will have gotten them for me so I don’t feel like I missed out.  Needless to say, the conditions are what they write about in the magazines, with amazing cover, excellent quality, and a fairly stable snow pack.   Tomorrow, look for a few new inches to cover the dance floor.  More precipitation is predicted during the day, so dress for storm riding as the wind will still be playing a large roll.  There could be some variable consistency in the new snow with the wind, so use your inner senses to find your best line.  I expect to be on the hill first thing in the AM. and will have a first hand report for tomorrow.  We are in the Zone, and all the forecasts look good for the next while.  Stay Frosty!!