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After all the wind and snow that blasted the hill yesterday, all the aspects had been blown smooth, with great high density sugar filling in the hollows.  There were some variable crusts living here and there, so looking for those North, Northwest, East , and Northeast aspects were the featured best on the hill.  I tried a couple due South lines only to find the punchability underneath the fresh to be a touch difficult, so I changed aspects and all was good.  Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs looking as smooth as you please, with great consistency and no weirdness.   DSC03575As the day wore on the Sun did become a factor on the direct exposures, making them a bit pasty.  Staying with the shade would keep the quality high, so be paying attention to the Sun.  I don’t think there will be any real firmness tomorrow, but those crunchy South off trail lines will still be problematic.  Tomorrow, look for another bright day with great conditions with only those aspects I already mentioned needing to be avoided early on.  All High North lines will still be great, with a smooth base after all the wind.  Traffic should be stout on the hill, but the uphill capacity on the front of the hill is keeping up very well.  Look for the sweet corduroy to have been prepared for the morning session where you will find righteous carpets of Hydro Velvet top to bottom. DSC03580 I was visited today by two old friends from my home town back East, who were here for the very first time.  I had a blast showing them the hill and getting some nice fresh lines out on a Lewis and Clark sojourn.  I know they will be back, as once you see this place you can’t be kept away.   See you Sunday for more Snow Sport Sliding.  IBBY!!



High winds rocked the Trailer all night long, not letting up a bit as the day dawned.  The wind knocked the alignment of the Antenna Array all out of whack, which was problematic, as I have Hyper Dimensional  link set up with the Blue Sphere Alliance later tonight.  Up on the hill, the wind was Nuking in a big way and I knew that the hill would have limited access, so I chose to do the required work on the array while I had a day to work.  Here is a shot looking down toward LCC with the clouds riding up over the Front like a freight train.  The sky was blue and the temps. DSC03574were super warm ahead of the front that was moving equally fast from the North.  Looking to the North, the Wall Of Voodoo was swallowing the Valley in an almost apocalyptic manner.  DSC03571In the blink on an eye the front moved through and the temp. dropped 30Degrees in seconds, and then the snow hit with a fierce intensity that is characteristic of such a frontal passage.  The lifts on the hill shut down for a time to let things settle down as the wind changed direction, and those who stuck around were treated to some very nice fresh refills all to them selves. Tomorrow, look for great conditions to be on hand with some fresh accumulation, smooth wind buffed lines, plenty of areas that never got worked, and fair weather to illuminate the dance floor.  There may be a bit of a push for the goods, so get there early to get those fresh lines.  The hill is in great shape and all lines should be offering dream like consistency.  Stay Frosty!!!



The wind was nuking this morning as the Sun was fading due to a cloud deck that was moving over the Front.  Mineral Basin was Hydro Velvet perfect for that first lap before the are was closed due to the high winds.  On the front of the hill, excellent grooming had been prepared and did not disappoint, with dry chalky buffed lines that begged for deep arcs in the mat.  Lower Chips Face was particularly sweet as the South wind was depositing transported snow which collected on the face.  Double treat!!  Regulator was good as well, but was getting a bit scoured, howeverm the High North aspects were getting the benefit of the wind direction.  DSC03567Here is a shot of Lower Baldy Bowl looking as smooth and buffed as in indeed was after all that wind worked it over.  The entire hill has been smoothed over by the wind in recent days and the interference patterns have been erased for the most part.  I bailed on the day after the Forklift debrief, as I did not want to fight the wind on the upper mountain where it was seriously pounding.  This wind is the prelude to a Winter Storm that is moving in for tomorrow.  The wind will once again be an issue as it is predicted to be higher than today.  Be sure to dress for a full on storm day, with falling temps. and heavy snow fall.  All lines will be smooth after all the wind, and any line will be good to go.  The High North will be favored after today’s South wind event, so look there for the big smooth lines in the AM.   Here is a shot of the perfect Hydro Velvet that was at my feet when I stopped on the hill to take it all in.   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!DSC03561



High winds overnight worked the hill over, leaving beautiful wind slab all over the hill.  There were even a couple pockets of powder where the wind transported snow rested in the hollows in the terrain. Here is a shot of my tracks punched down the middle of White Diamonds where the transported snow was boot top deep.  Just around the corner on Silver Dipper, the consistency DSC03560 was supportable wind slab that felt great indeed, but was a bit touchy as you could punch through the crust if you hit the turn to hard.  A soft light touch was the key on those steep lines.  The Groomers were off the chart buffed that let you embody your inner Ligety with each turn.  On the front of the hill, the upper lines of Peruvian Gulch had been buffed as well and were offering supportable lines that were fully filled in by the wind where they were deep interference patterns just yesterday.  Here is a great shot of the Twins on first Tram this morning looking frosty. DSC03558The Road to Provo opened later in the day, and I got some great lines there that had a bit more give, but still needed a light touch to keep things moving forward.  The quality remained excellent all day long and did not begin to chop out at all.  Tomorrow, look for more unreal Groomers to be the high light of the day, but there are lots of lines that are still holding up the smooth cold goodness on the High North aspects. West facing is much improved after the wind did it’s work, so runs that were dodgy before are good to go now.  Some of those direct South aspect may have picked up a bit of heat, so expect a bit of variability on those lines.  I went out to the Exotic Trees to see how nicely the wind has buffed them and got this shot looking up into Baldy Bowl.  DSC03568That looks as good as it was, and there is more  waiting in the wings.  See you there for the morning explorations.  See the Line, BE the line!!!



We got an extra coating of fresh Spackle overnight, adding to the 3 to 4” that we received yesterday.  The high density frosting was just what was needed to stick to the old pack and cushion the crunch from the Sun effects of recent days.  High winds kept the Tram and upper lifts delayed until the weather mellowed after Noon.  The new snow felt buttery smooth underfoot, and I went looking for tree lines that had captured a bit more accumulation from the wind.  It was a treat to be able to dial in some deep arcing turns in the freshness.  When things got opened, access to the Cirque Traverse offered nice lines that have been a bit dodgy lately, but were feeling soft and consistent with the new cover.  Of course, the Groomers were smooth, with Lower Primrose Path really hitting the mark with off the wall lines  in that big natural half pipe.  During my time riding the Forklift Chair I spent time speaking with TEAM WATERMAN, who were experiencing Snowbird for the first time. I was excited for them and gave them the 411 before they got out on the hill to experience the goods that were waiting wall to wall.  DSC03557I know they will be back for a second helping.   Tomorrow, look for improving weather conditions, more terrain to open that is waiting in the wings, and much lighter traffic after the holiday weekend.  The Groomers will be offering ripping smooth lines that will support high edge angles with all the soft product to work with.  The off trail will be much improved with the new accumulation, so choosing lines off the traverses will be rewarding.  Still, be aware of the funkiness of the old pack that still has not been totally mitigated by the new snow.  Interference patterns will be rebuilding rapidly, so get to there early for the best of the day.  Straight Ahead!!



There was a Valentine treat on the hill today, with the distribution of these heart shaped cookies being handed out by Neil and his lovely wife Susie for customer appreciation day. DSC03555 The other treat was the impulse which was putting down some beautiful medium density Essence that really stuck to the mat and made the morning lines smooth and tasty.  As anticipated, the visibility was marginal at best, so staying close to the trees was the best option for reference acquisition.  I took a run out to the abyss that was Mark Malu, to find smooth frosting covered lines that were impossible to see, but had a tasty feel.  I was sticking with the know smooth lines and did not stray from those.  Lower Primrose Path was really going off, with the early runs that had increasingly deep turns as the snow mounted up with every run. Off trail was a toss up, with some intrepid souls getting some fun in those smooth lines that they had memorized from previous days.   DSC03538Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to be on tap as it was still snowing when I left and it is raining lightly here at the Trailer as I write this.  The usual Groomers can be counted on to provide the smooth lines, but the off trail may be getting a bit more cushion to mitigate the low amplitude rumble that built up in the recent past.  Visibility may still be marginal and temps. will continue to be cold, so dress for weather.  Traffic should be brisk, so get there early for the best of the day and a jump on the vertical total.   Those early untracked lines will be well worth the time to get there for the morning session.  Stay Frosty!!



While the morning was bright and Sunny, there was a wind that was hinting a slight change in the weather in the next couple of days.  The Groomers were offering the high speed smoothness that has been the hallmark of conditions all week long, and today was no exception.  The consistency of the pack is really excellent for executing high edge angle turns that will not slip unexpectedly.  Off trail is offering good lines on the High North aspects that are still holding the cold despite the warmer temps.  Here is a shot of Upper Gadzooks that Tramrat sent along.  B4D3D506-CD40-4456-8866-E7EE0255BDED-1This is an example of the previously prepared lines  that have kept the smooth feel after days of traffic.  Lower Lower is still holding that smooth buffed feel and is still a go to line that will definitely keep you turning.  Tomorrow, look for some stormy conditions to be a feature, as a small impulse is predicted to push through in the AM.  Dress for a bit more chilly temps, as there will be wind, cold and marginal visibility.  Remember the smooth lines from today and shoot for the lines that are known to be prepared for fast fun.  Beware of those off trail South and West facing aspects as they WILL be crunchy and will not be softening up.  While I was not physically on the hill today, I did take a moment to check out the hill from the next dimension just a frequency away.  Here is a bleed through image that mysteriously appeared on the computer.  Hmmmm. Dave hyperspaceAlways remember, and never forget…. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



Another morning of ripping lines greeted the faithful today as the Cat Crew had outdone themselves preparing some really nice drops.  White Diamonds and Lone Star in Mineral Basin were the centerpiece of the morning’s offerings back there.  As the Sun was shining brightly, it did not take long for it to begin softening the frozen pack from the overnight cold.  Fast laps and light traffic made for a morning of simply SIZZLING  fun.  On the front of the hill, there too, the Groomers were dry chalky and prepared for fun top to bottom.  Once again, the Anderson’s Hill – Lower Primrose path combination was a too good to pass up line that stood up all day long.  Chips face and Lower Lower were still perfectly smooth, and challenged your best steeps technique with a dry chalky buff that made you turn to keep from amping up too much before the compression.   Here is a shot of the Valley with an image of what Lake Bonneville might have looked DSC03554like back in antiquity.  Just Imagine!!!  The Sun did work the South and West faces again today, which provided some real Spring time conditions for the afternoon session.  Regulator got that smooth sorbet feel late in the day, that just demanded multiple laps to get the goods when they went off. Tomorrow, look for another ripping morning that will be as good as it was today.  Follow the Sun and get the best as it unfolds all day long.  The High North is still holding the cold and shots like Mark Malu were offering big mountain smooth top to bottom.  Traffic will be a bit heavier, but and early start will get you a big leg up on the vertical.  I will be taking the day off as usual, so go get those good lines for me.  See you Sunday.  IBBY!!




This morning was so balmy that I was able to drive around with only sunglasses and the top down.  The carpets were smooth and nicely prepared, with only the South and West facing aspect a bit crunchy for the opening bell.  The Sun was so intense out in Mineral Basin that, even those crunchy lines would not take long to soften up.  White Diamonds was given another fresh till DSC03536that was steep, smooth, and dry which spilled into a beautifully prepared lower collector that let you explore your inner Ligety.  The front of the hill was offering very nice lines top to bottom with Lower Lower Chips still holding the smooth dry lines that have been keeping me working the goods there all week.  Interference patterns continue to build, but there is a nice cadence to  DSC03542 the troughs.  The pack is dry and chalky and is still holding the cold.  Regulator would take until 1:00PM to fully hit it’s stride, when the soft velvet smooth started to go off.  We did some lines that have still been holding the smooth as there is very low traffic hitting these gems. Here is a shot of Mark Malu looking so good.  DSC03552 Tomorrow, look for more great lines to be on tap for the  morning session.  The High North aspects are still holding the cold, and there are still some nice wind slab lines that are worth taking the time to get out to sample.  Follow the Sun for the best feel as it clocks around softening the dance floor. There is great snow sport sliding to be had all day long.  DSC03550As a parting shot, here is Julia of Living Creations, who provides all the cut flowers in the Plaza.  She was bringing in some fresh arrangements to the Forklift Chair.  They are always so lovely and fresh.   See you in the AM. for the great sunshine rockfest!!!  Speed Safely!!



The Valley was socked in this morning, but a short way up the Canyon the Sun cracked through the mist revealing another beautiful day up on the hill.  That lower part of the Canyon had that  black ice happening as the mist freezes on the  road overnight.  Keep that little tidbit in mind when coming up in the AM.  While Mineral Basin had experienced the most effects of the direct Sunshine that bakes things back there, the Grooming Crew did a great job reviving the cold snow that exists beneath the pack.  Another exciting line had been prepared for the first time of the season, which offered very steep, smooth, dry, chalky lines that kept me lapping that little gem.  On the front of the hill, the West faces had been worked by the Sun as well and were a bit crispy until later in the day.  The Peruvian Gulch held the cold feel top to bottom, with Lower Lower still smooth steep and ripping. DSC02687 Here is a shot of TrenchZilla, who was caught basking in the Sun after leaving his signature lacerations on the freshly tilled mat.   He finally made his appearance  after some of that snow melted.  See if you can spot him on the hill.  The South faces softened up and were offering very nice spring like lines that seemed more like April than February.  The High North is still holding the cold as well, and a couple of runs out on those aspects confirmed the goods were still happening.  Tomorrow, look for extensive Grooming to be offering excellent hard driving lines for the Morning Session.  You will still find the High North offering great feeling off trail lines and are well worth exploring.  Continued warmth will be another feature of the day, but those South aspects will be crunchy as well as the West facing. DSC03532 Here is a great shot of Vince, who has been really throwing down all season long. Great to have you back leading the pace Vince!!  Traffic will be light once again and the dance floor should be salsa fresh.  IBBY!!